Summary: What difference can a baby make in your life? When that baby is Jesus, He can make an eternal difference if you will let Him.


Luke 2:8-16


A. We are now heavy into the Christmas season

1. Many presents have been bought

a. Others still need to be purchased

b. Many families have already started having their Christmas celebrations

2. Through all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, donft miss the point

a. Donft miss the reason that we celebrate

b. You need to understand this„ŸChristmas is a reminder that YOU MATTER TO GOD

c. Thatfs why Jesus came into the world to let you know that you matter to Him.

d. So, for you and for me, Jesus was born in a stable, a barn, so that He could bring Godfs gift to the world

e. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son

f. What a precious gift, the gift of Godfs child

B. You know, all children are gifts from God

1. Oh, you may become frustrated at times in trying to teach and discipline, but they still bring joy

a. Just ask Abraham and Sarah who were 100 and 90 years old when their first child, Isaac was born

b. Just ask Hannah who had prayed earnestly to God that she would have a child and finally God sent Samuel into her life

c. Just ask my brother Jim and his wife who thought that after 12 years of marriage that they were destined to be without children

2. With children comes change

a. At least one in the household doesnft get as much sleep as they once used to

b. Takes longer to prepare to go anywhere

c. Finances get tighter

d. A big change„ŸDIAPERS

3. With Godfs gift of children comes change

a. The same is true of the gift of His Son

b. When that babe enters in your life, change will come

4. But donft be afraid!

a. Even the angel in Luke said, gDo not be afraidh

b. Are you afraid of God? a lot of people are

c. Afraid of what God might lead you to do?

d. Afraid that God will ruin your life?

5. Change will come, but change for the better

6. For you see, the gift of Jesus Christ is really a gift within a gift

ILL> I heard of one lady that received a pair of gloves for Christmas. When she put them on she found a $20 bill in each finger of the gloves.

Ifd love to receive a pair of gloves for Christmas, wouldnft you?

ILL> On November 16, 1982 I gave Kay a gift for her birthday. We had been dating for about 9 months„Ÿthings were starting to get a little serious. She was excited to get a new Bible cover. She was even more excited when she opened the Bible cover and inside was a dictionary. What girl wouldnft want a new dictionary„Ÿespecially a girl in college. Insdie the dictionary was a ring.

7. A gift within a gift

a. That is what Jesus is


A. VS 10 - I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people

1. We have something to be excited about

a. Thatfs why we sing songs that are uplifting and exciting

b. Thatfs why we sometimes clap our hands when we sing

c. PSA 47:1

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy.

d. Thatfs why we sing the songs we do with the youth on Wednesday evenings

ILL> I heard someone say that a lot of churches start at 11:00 sharp and end at 12:00 dull.

2. Shame on us if that is all a church service is„Ÿa burden to be borne

a. Some may say, gEverybody has a cross to bear, and I bear my cross for an hour every Sunday morning!h

b. We have a reason to be happy and excited

ILL> Itfs now been a little over four years ago when Kay and I found out that we were going to have a third addition to our family. While this would usually be a time of excitement and celebration, I was not excited or in the mood for celebration.

Alan was getting ready to enter school. We were looking forward to a little more freedom. Kay and I had planned to go to Haiti together. All of that changed.

Suddenly, we found our freedom being taken away. Changes had to be made in our travel plans. Financially, things were going to be tight. I have to admit, that I was a little bit in shock.

3. Some people look at church like that

a. They look at God in the same way

b. They are afraid that God will take away their fun

c. They wonft be able to enjoy life anymore

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