Summary: Dreams were a really important factor in the life of Joseph. You will remember that a couple of dreams got in him trouble in the first place. He stayed faithful until his dreams came true.

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Gen. 41:1-44

This will now be the 6th message on the life of Joseph.

We’re introduced to Joseph when he is just a teen age boy of 17 years old. He is in a family that is quite dysfunctional. His mother (Rachel) is dead. His daddy (Jacob) is now an old man who has had big problem being spiritual and godly. He has 11 brothers who hate him and who know how many sisters. His brothers give him a nickname. They called him THE DREAMER.

Dreams were a really important factor in the life of Joseph. You will remember that a couple of dreams got in him trouble in the first place.

Dream of the sheaves. Genesis 37

Dream of the Sun and Moon and Stars. Genesis 37

* There was the Dothan experience

* There was the slavery experience

* There was the experience with a Desperate Housewife.

* There was the Prison experience

* That is when dreams come into play again.

Then you will remember that the Butler (cupbearer) and the Baker had a dream.

Dream of the cupbearer. Genesis 40

Dream of the Baker. Genesis 40

We have the plea of Joseph for the cupbearer to remember him. He forgot Joseph. Two years have not passed. I am not sure that I can draw a precise chronological chart of Joseph life but this I know. He was 17 years old when we went down into Egypt and in chapter 41 he is 30 years old. That is 13 years he has been in slavery, separated from his family, accused falsely, thrown in prison, forgotten by those who promised to help him.

BUT NOW . . .

Pharaoh has a couple of dreams:

Dream of FAT COWS. Chapter 41

Dream of SKINNY COWS. Chapter 41

Dream of Fat Grain. Chapter 41

Dream of Scrawny Grain. Chapter 41

It has been 13 years since God gave Joseph the dream of greatness. He is about to see his dreams begin to come true. So what do you do when your dream come true?

As I shared once before – I believe that everyone has dreams. Dreaming is a good thing. Again, I am not talking about day dreaming. We may have some pretty wild dreams growing up. To be Mister America, play for the NFT or to win a PGA championship or to go to mars on a spaceship. And sometimes we grow up and realize that those dreams were just a childhood fantasy. I am talking about dreaming the dreams that God puts in your heart. About believing that you are here on planet earth for a purpose and make all efforts to fulfill that purpose. To know that there is a God and He is leading you toward a goal to make your life really count for something. Is that not really the greatest need in the heart of ever human? There is not greater joy or feeling of satisfaction than to know that you are right where God want you to be and accomplishing in your life exactly what your creator designed you to do.

SO, JOSPEH IS BEGINNING TO SEE HIS DREAMS COME TO FRUITION. He is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. He is probably saying, "Oh yea, Now I can see what God has been up to in my life.

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