Summary: casting your cares upon the Lord


1st Peter 5: 6-8

Our world today is so fast paced!

We see everything in high speed today

like when we travel, or when

we’re shopping, or working!!

Sometimes going down the interstate

I can be going 70 MPH and people

will pass me up like I’m sitting still.

The whole world is in a rush!!

And when you go to the Grocery

store or to Wal-Mart watch out!

People will run completely

over top of you!!!

I think they need red-lights at

the ends of the aisles.

People are just in to big of a hurry!

We almost run in the grocery store


We used to have an RPS route its

like UPS.

And its such a fast paced job.

All day long you stop sliding

and pull out spinning. and you’re

supposed to get a package

delivered in no longer than one

minute!!! For Real

I did that for a year and I couldn’t

stand it any longer.

The stress is just so un-real!

And it’s a proven fact that stress

is one of the nations #1 health


I just can’t stand to be rushed.

It makes me nervous and it makes

us make mistakes

and you can’t make a rational

decision, under stress!!

So don’t allow yourselves to be stressed!!

Remain calm!!

Now I know that’s easy to say but so

hard to do!!!

But we have to balance things out

we have to balance our diets and we have

to balance our time and we have to balance

our checkbooks!

And if you’re not careful you’ll find

yourselves bringing this rush

into God’s house and that’s where we

don’t need to rush anything!

God don’t get the time that He deserves now!

Apostle Peter said Humble yourselves under

the mighty hand of God

that He may exalt you in due time

casting all your care upon him

for he careth for you

This is no doubt the greatest advice

that we could ever possibly have been given!!

Cast our cares upon Him!

People that’s our worries

I think that worrying is a sin

and that’s why God wants us to cast

cares upon Him! AMEN

Just like that ole song

what a friend we have in Jesus!!

No matter what kind of a problem we have

Jesus can take care of it, He’s our high Priest!

there’s no problem to big or too small

to lay at the feet of Jesus!!!

Turn with me to Hebrews 4:14-16

Our God is able to solve the problems

that stress’s us out.

And they steal our peace and our Joy

Jesus said in

Matt. 19:26

with Men this is impossible BUT

with God all things are possible!!

Luke said in 1:37

with God nothing shall be impossible

Its human nature to carry burdens

I do it too!!!

But we have to give it to Jesus Christ

and we don’t need to give up our peace.

But then everybody would say

Brother Wendell

How can I limit stress

Well that’s such a good question

Stress isn’t always bad

some stress’s are good for us

like going on vacation

that’s positive stress

and most of us have to come home

to rest up!!!

Getting promoted at work is a

positive stress!!!

Or Becoming a Dad or Mom was probably

one of our biggest positive stress’s!!

Limit your stress with God’s word


Matthew 6:25 says:

Take no thought for your life

what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink

God wants us to give it to Him!!! AMEN

When we put God first, it limits our negative


God don’t want us to worry about food

or drink nor clothing

because He will meet all of our needs!! AMEN

And when we pay our tithes if

its our last dollar, we already know

that God will provide our needs!!!

Phillipians 4:19 says

But my God shall supply all your need

according to his riches

in glory by Christ Jesus!!

Today people we have to be ready and

willing to serve God and we have to serve

Him whole heartedly!!!!

We have to be prayed up and we have to be

victorious over the wiles of the devil

we have to fight the deceit of this world

and we have to be faithful to God right

to the end!

we need to target our young people in the

church we need to teach them to follow


And the young people have more faith

than we do!!!

And many times today we’ll fall into that

terrible trap called greed!!!

Some of the poorest people I know

are the ones who have a lot of money.

And usually if someone has money

they’re greedy!!

We need to humble ourselves people,

we need to get back to the basics!!!

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