Summary: Let’s be thankful!

Luke 17: 11-19

Wanna talk about an attitude to master life

An attitude is how you see and how you think

Desperate men who approach Jesus for healing


Fatigue, inflammations, spots on skin turn into sores

To the point they’re unrecognizable- disfigured

Drain, leaving a foul stench

Lose their eyebrows, vocal chords ulcerate

Worst thing of all,----Loss of sensations

Couldn’t feel anything---NO sense of touch

Fell asleep on streets---rats come chew toes and fingers off, and never know it

End in a coma, then DEATH


Couldn’t go to town—be stoned,

went in a house—tear it down

So you could never be touched again,--wife, friends, hug, kids

Also a moral stigma---you weren’t healed-----YOU WERE CLEANSED

Which disease, Highly contagious, great fear, fatal, moral stigma---AIDS

IMAGINE YOU:RE one of these 10 men---

NO hope, pain, left to die

Then one day – go to the doctor: xray, cat, mri, blood test---Cant find it

That’s where these guys are---proclaims healing

They head to the priest---

priest had to proclaim you’re clean

Walking—begin to be healed

You can hug, love, kiss, jump

1 guy goes back---

1st person he’s touched in years IS JESUS

We can want things so bad---When we get it, we take it for granted

He praised God with a loud voice, and keeps praising---over and over

He’s a leper and A Samaritan---

The ones who know it’s a gift are grateful

The Jews I guess assumed they deserved it---It’s about time----That’s what we think

Parents have a question they ask they’re kids---gift, something nice


they don’t always mean it—

But we want to teach the ability to express GRATITUDE

So the attitude of Gratitude is lost in the CHURCH---

Another day with legs, arms, hands, health, eyes, ---another day being alive----Let me wake up tomorrow and do it again---SOME WON”T GET TO

5 keys to finding a grateful heart—Attitude of Gratitude

1. Be grateful for imperfect gifts----

Ever receive and imperfect gift

Every Christmas---

Every Spouse in here is an imperfect gift

Wife may not be a cook, may be an arsonist---

But she’s a great mom, takes care of you----

Get up from table say THANK YOU—get some maloxx and SHUT UP

Husband may not be Brad Pitt,

Pot belly W/ thinning hair—But he loves you,

works hard, loves kids, not spending his check at the bar, not sleeping around—

Love Him and sayThank you

"If I just had their job, wife, house, friends, money, car…"

If you wait for perfect gifts you’ll always be ungrateful

Kids bring a drawing home from school

It’s not Picasso, but they gave their all

2.Learn to be thankful in times of anxiety and frustration

Drying off—lump in breast….It’s OK---Totally relieved and grateful

Anxiety teaches that what you used to take for granted---Is a GIFT

Hug your wife, kiss dog, love kids, praise the weeds in your lawn

Anxiety and Frustration will GIVE YOU THE PROPER PERSPECTIVE

Letter from Girl in College:

Perspective—Don’t appreciate life, people, job, career---till you almost lose it

Too many Christians are trying to escape anxiety---That when we know ---what we have

We’ll take a drink, pop a pill---to keep from being anxious and frustrated

God this is not fun---but you will get me through it!! It’s there to make You better

WHAT DO YOU SAY? Thank You for making me better

3.Say thank you often and open. “THANK YOU”

Colosions 2:6-8

Just saying that to someone---Spouse, kid, coach, teacher

What do you say?

4.When you devote yourself to worhsipping God ---Psalm 100

When we gather—

We need to devote ourselves to saying thank you

It’s what worship is all about----Jimmy, Gimme

Worship is a time to say THANK YOU----

I can’t believe you did this for me

Churches split right and left---

Cuz the focus is on us…happy, babied

If we’ll get our mind off of us and on him we can say

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Gave his son, gave me life, curse of law,


It aint about you---

It’s about an almighty Savior and Lord


5.Learn how to notice---

Being unthankful means your missing what’s being done for you

God has set the whole world to revolve around you

Bad times will come, frustration, trouble, difficulty, struggles

“ I feed sparrows, feed you, clothe lilies, clothe you, give you a new life, new creation, new hope, freedom and I am with you till the ends of the world, I will never leave you or forsake. He gives you gift after gift after gift


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