Summary: Jesus Asks the question - what do you want od at least two groups. The thing is that the answers can be obvious so why does He ask?

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What do you want?

Mark 10:35-52

A lot of you have been attending the “Terrific Tuesday” services and I wonder if you are feeling anything?

I wonder if any of you are feeling any renewal of your vival.

That is the intent of holding a series of special services. To receive a stirring of your soul, perhaps a rekindling of excitement and love for our savior and our creator.

Last Tuesday night, before I left the building, I felt like I was being asked a question, What do you want me to do for you?

It is not really a weird question, I get asked something similar all the time at restaurants, at home, and it happens pretty often here with the people who make our worship services and workdays and meetings come together.

The strange part, I was the only one here. So, that question just kept bouncing into my mind as I got ready to head home and through the week.

Anytime we have a nagging question it is a sign of searching. It is an opportunity for growth. Personally, I think that it means that my vival is not dead.

In this case I will give some credit to our speakers of the last couple of weeks but, I will suggest that the balance goes to the Holy Spirit answering our prayers for revival.

-- Personally, I notice in my prayer life that I call out to Jesus, asking for his attention for all kinds of situations that I know about and even some that involve me. I ask for wisdom, strength, health and peace for myself and others.

And this week that one question kept running though my mind.

What do you want me to do for you?

I felt like Jesus was addressing me like he does to so many people in the Bible.

It made me feel a little uncomfortable. I guess that I would have similar feeling if an important person noticed me a stopped to speak. I would want to say something important or at least not sound dumb.

I guess that is how I feel about my prayers as well. I know that as a Christian God hears my prayers.

So, in my prayers I start babbling about worldly problems and needs, High and important stuff far from me. Problems in our world, all the worries and concerns for the war, about our status as a Christian nation and the spiritual health of our community.

I pray for family issues and church direction, revival and suffering and needs of our church.

This week as I have prayed I felt like that question, “What do you want me to do for you?” was right there. And someone was waiting for me to answer.

I realized that while there are so many honorable and valid things we should pray for, the question in our scripture is being addresses in a similar way to me and to you. The question is not what can he do for us…it is what can He do for me!

The fireman was sitting by the phone in the volunteer fire station when it rang. He picked it up and said, “Fire department!” The woman on the other end said, “SEND A FIRE TRUCK!” and hung up.

He waited, not sure what to do, and the phone rang again. He picked it up, said “Fire department.” The woman said, “SEND A FIRE TRUCK NOW!!” Then she hung up.

He waited, and this time he was ready. The phone rang, and he picked it up and said, “Where’s the fire?” The woman said, “It’s in the kitchen!” and hung up!

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