Summary: Sermon addresses the many personal bias’ found in the church.

What Does A Child of God Look Like

1 John 3:1-7

September 25, 2005

I. Introduction

A. The writings of John are many peoples favorites

B. Each of John’s writings deals primarily with God’s love and the life of Jesus

1. The Gospel of John chronicles the life and ministry of Jesus

2. The Epistles expound upon God’s love and how to live as children of God

3. Finally, Revelation deals with God’s prophetic plan

C. Specifically 1 John’s writings illustrate God’s love for us

D. And the epistle of 1 John gives us a recipe for loving others

E. We, the church, have a hard time at carrying out and following the recipe

1. Example of Crossfire

2. Use the Contrast of Barbie and Bratz doll

II. Body

A. The first verse of chapter 3

1. “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God”

2. What does a Child of God look like?

a. Is the child clean cut, handsome, and fit?

b. Is the child lovely, beautiful, with a wonderful personality

c. Or is the child one who lacks in the personal hygiene department, long-hair, pierced body, tattoos?

d. Or is the child one who is physically sick, suffering emotionally, addicted to drugs, or has other not so inviting traits?

3. Sadly, most of us here probably would answer that a child of God is most like the 1st two examples given.

4. Even more sad, these are the only type of people we would want to invite into our fellowship

a. Differences make us uneasy

b. Differences take us out of our idealistic world and make us face reality

1) church is a place of safety

2) church is a place of people like us

5. Sadly, church has become simply a place where we all look alike, have similar lifestyles, and don’t want to be bothered with others who are different.

a. We want to worship God one way, our way and not appreciate that others are drawn by differences in worship

b. We have become so busy in our own pursuits that we have forgotten the Greatest Commandment, “to love our neighbors as we love ourselves”

c. We have become so busy in our own daily routines that we have forgotten the mission of the church – Make disciples for Jesus Christ

d. For so many church has become just a Sunday morning thing

6. But Pastor you’re wrong…Am I?

a. When was the last time you attended a Bible Study?

b. When was the last time you invited someone, who didn’t know Christ to church?

c. Finally, how upset would you be if we decided that church was going to be held on Monday evening instead of Sunday morning?

1) What is your response?

2) We’ve never done that here?

3) That’s just not right!

4) Again, What is your response?

B. The example of Jesus ministry

1. Jesus ministered to the lost, the least, and the suffering

2. Jesus took time to fellowship with the Father

3. Jesus was not concerned with the socio-economic divisions of the day...Jesus was all about doing his Father’s will

4. Jesus worshipped daily, preached daily, went about doing His Father’s will daily.

a. We could and should learn from Jesus’ example.

b. Making disciples is not just something done on Sunday mornings.

c. It is a 24/7 adventure

C. So what does a Child of God look like?

1. A child of God is a person who goes about the business of their Heavenly Father daily. Praying, Studying, worshipping, and serving others

2. A child of God is a person who views their relationship with God beyond Sunday morning

3. A child of God is a person who loves others even when they are radically different

4. A child of God is a person who appreciates the differences and the diversity that God has created

5. A child of God is radically sold out to Jesus Christ

III. Conclusion

A. Do you look like a child of God?

B. Are you radically sold out to Jesus Christ?

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