Summary: God eliminates our guilt, wrath, distance from Him, and bondage to sin when we trust Christ; we need to take advantage of what He’s already given and do His wishes now.


The Bible describes people who haven’t trusted Christ as Savior as-


Awaiting wrath

Distant from God

In bondage to sin

God answers these needs Himself in the gift of Christ’s life on the cross for us.

Christ’s atonement for sin answers guilt by paying the price of guilt and sin.

Propitiation answers wrath with mercy and grace.

Reconciliation answers distance with adoption.

Redemption frees us from sin’s bondage to serve God.

God has given us the power to change by changing us. We need to take advantage of God’s gifts to using them to live as he wants. He tells us what He wants us to do; our problem is doing His wishes.

We must freely give God control over life.

After all, it’s not enough just not to anything it?

Live Holy and Blameless in His Sight (4-6)

God chooses to love and keep loving us

God chooses to make life best as we live holy and blameless

God chooses to be gracious with us

Live Wisely by Wisely Following Christ (7-12)

Christ redeemed us to live free from sin

Christ redeemed us so we may understand forgiveness

Christ redeemed us so we may discover how to live

Live Listening for the Sprit’s Directions (13-14)

The Spirit seals our lives now—will we struggle or say “yes?”

The Spirit seals our futures—will we long for the past or live looking toward the future?

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