Summary: A sermon developed especially for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

Main Idea – God so loves people that what starts out as a cell He wants as a child.

Every one of us would agree that one of the biggest mistakes in life can be addressing the peripheral issues but not addressing the deeper items. And it can happen in almost every area of life.

For example, when it comes to buying a home we begin to think, “Do we want to live within the city or in a suburb outside the city? Do we want to live where there is a nearby school where the children can attend, or a mall nearby where the parents can attend? Do we want a 2-story home without a basement or a one story home with a basement?” When actually, the question we might want to ask is, given our present financial limitations should we even be buying a home at all. Because if we were to be honest, we feel so poor that we don‟t have money for what we have let alone what we want. I love the story in Readers Digest about the boy who was listening to his pastor say that money is not important in the afterlife because in heaven there is no money. The boy whispered to his mother, “Did you hear that mom – we‟re already in heaven.”

When it comes to marriage we often ask if we should get engaged in the spring and put off the wedding until next year, or do we get engaged now and plan the wedding for next month? Do we spend the money we don‟t have for a long honeymoon or do we spend the money we do have and have a short honeymoon? Do we get advice from our parents so they feel like they matter or do we make our own decisions so we make it clear to them that they don‟t matter? But perhaps the question we ought to be asking is whether or not we've gotten to know the other person well enough to consider marriage in the first place. Someone has defined marriage as a phone call in the middle of the night. First there‟s a ring, and then you wake up! A former Hollywood star was noted for saying, "Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit every now and then."

When it comes to buying a car we ponder if we should lease a new one or buy it. Would it be better to get a second hand car with low mileage or a new one with no mileage? Do we get the kind of car always had or get the kind the neighbor has? When the question we ought to be asking is whether or not we should assume an added financial burden and instead just keep the car we have. After all, many have stated that the cheapest car you have is the one presently driving.

We often look at the peripheral issues and miss the deeper issues. One of the areas where we miss the deeper issues is an area more important than the home we live in, the place we go on our honeymoon, or the car we drive . as important as all of those are. It has to do with people; not one or two people but millions of people in every part of the globe. What I.m referring to can be expressed in four words . the sanctity of life. We discuss sexual sin and sexual purity. We discuss pro-life and pro-abortion. We discuss euthanasia or prolonging life through life support systems. But what we should be asking is, "How does God feel about the sanctity of life?" PERIOD. And notice, I did not say how do you or I feel, but how does God feel. Because there is not one verse in the Bible that speaks of God answering to men but there are many verses that speak of men answering to God.

A major league baseball player hit the ball far out in left field. Bases were loaded. The one who was on 2nd base made it all the way to home plate and he collided with the catcher. Immediately, the one team yelled, "He's safe, he's safe, he's safe." The other team yelled, "He's out, he's out, he's out". Upon looking at both teams the umpire calmly announced, "He ain't nothing til I call him." The issue is not how you and I feel about the sanctity of life, but it's how God feels. It's not how you and I call it, but it's how God calls it.

There are things in the Bible we don.t understand and there are probably some things in the Bible we only think we understand. But there are some things in the Bible we cannot misunderstand. One of the things we cannot misunderstand is how God feels about the sanctity of life. God makes six statements that are impossible to misunderstand.

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