Summary: This is last in a series of 4 sermons addressing current topics. This sermon addresses evolution/creation

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- Read Genesis 1:1 In recent months our consciences have been shocked by what we’ve seen going on among our fellow citizens. We have seen vivid pictures of how a few of our troops have immorally treated the prisoners they were charged to guard and interrogate. We have seen reports of states and cities where homosexual marriages have been legalized. We have watched as our judges have legalized sodomy and have continued to allow partial-birth abortions. In our papers we have continued to read of business leaders charged with stealing from the investors they’ve been called to serve. We hear of parents who have killed their children.

Why do we see such an increase of immorality? Why the sudden increase in violence? Why do so many seem to live without valuing anyone but themselves? I believe the primary reason is that we in America have forgotten that God is the Creator.


Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning, God created.” There was no preamble, no introduction of God. The Bible simply begins, “In the beginning, God created.” My friends, if we could only get that one fact straight, the rest would come easy. God has created all things.

1. God created the universe – Think for a moment of that first encounter between Satan and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Look for a moment at Genesis 3:1. - Read Genesis 3:1

Here were Adam and Eve in the garden. They had no problems, they had no worries, no disease, no suffering, they had no pain and no death; then came the Devil. In verse 1 he asks, “Has God said . . .?” Then he moves to step 2 of his plan. In verse 4 he says, “Ye shall not surely die.” Then he concludes in verse 4 by saying, “You shall be as gods.” My friends, all of this stuff about the Big Bang, and evolution is nothing more than the same old lie the Devil has been telling from the beginning, “Ye shall be as gods.” The Devil wants to do all he can to convince us that we are nothing more than the result of a cosmic burp that took place some 41/2 to 5 Billion years ago, and he has done all he could to reinforce the idea that there is no Creator, no One that we are responsible to by instilling that lie in the minds of our children.

Adolph Hitler once said, “If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, and often enough, people will believe it.” By repeating the lie that the world was created by chance again and again and again, over billions of years, some have come to the conclusion that all of life is the result of chance and so there is no Creator to be responsible to.

My friends, I want you to know that the world is not the result of chance; it is the result of Creation. Our Creator spoke, not billions of years ago as some teach, but rather thousands of years ago, and the world came to be.

We know that because of:

*the moon. Each year, the moon gets a little further from the earth. Not much, just and inch or so. That means it used to be closer. Now, if you go back a few thousand years, that’s no big deal, but if you go back 1/5 as long as they say the universe has been around, the moon would have been so close to the earth that our gravity would have broken it into pieces, which would be circling our planet like the rings of Saturn.

*the comets. The comets we see are made up primarily of rock and ice. They are basically “dirty snowballs.” Now each time they circle our sun, part of them is blown away by the solar wind, thus giving them a tail. Now, with the amount of material they lose each time they circle our sun, it is estimated that none of them could exist for more than 10 thousand years, yet they are here.

* the magnetic field. The Earth is surrounded by an invisible magnetic field. This magnetic field is what makes compasses point north. Now, our magnetic field is getting weaker all the time. Now, since it is getting weaker all the time, that means it used to be stronger. Dr. Thomas Barnes is a physicist who has studied our magnetic field in great detail. He estimates that 830 to 1400 years ago our magnetic field would have been twice as strong as it is now. Go back another 830 to 1400 years and it would have been 4 times as strong as it is now. According to Dr. Barnes, if we went back 10,000 years, our magnetic field would have been as strong as the sun’s, and would be burning like it. So, our earth could not be any more than 10,000 years old.

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