Summary: I hope to explain a little bit of what it means to be a Christian.

What does it mean to be a Christian? Matthew 16

Many preachers have asked that question over the years. Now the first thing most of you think when I ask that question is ok here it comes. I have heard all this before I know what it means to be a Christian. If you really do then you can sit there and say amen. If you really know what it means to be Christian then why are you not being a Christian? Why is God’s work not being done? Why are people not being saved? Because few people really know what it means to be a Christian and even fewer people truly are Christians.

Some people think that having there names on a church role makes them a Christian. Some people think because they have been baptized they are Christians. I got news for you if you are not living the life of a Christian you are not going to heaven. How can I say that? The Bible the book of authority God’s word says to be a Christian you must be Christ like. So what does it mean, then, to be a Christian?

The word Christian literally means The Christ Ones. This name was first given to the followers of Jesus in a place called Antioch, Acts 11:26. They weren’t given that name because they were liked they were given that name because they were hated. The people that gave them that name viewed them with contempt. Does the world view you with contempt? Or do you fit right in like one of their own? A Christian is a “Christ one” or “one who is like Jesus.”

Having your name on a church role won’t make you a Christian I haven’t read where Jesus had his name on a church role. So are you Christ like? Being a good moral or even religious person won’t make you a Christian. The Pharisees were religious people. Just because you came to the altar and got saved does not make you a Christian. Being a Christian means you live like Christ every second of everyday.

Now preacher are you saying to be a Christian I have to be perfect? Yes I am! You have to mature in Christ everyday. That is what it means to be perfect in Christ. That means you have to recognize when you have sinned and repent and turn away from that sin. Jesus tells us that we must take up our cross daily. That to be a Christian we must forsaken self and all others and follow Him. We must worship him.

Some people think that the church is a place where we come to get a blessing. Who are you worshiping self or Jesus? Some people think the church is where you go to get something. I am here to tell you the church is where you go to give something. The church is where you go to give your offering of praise and worship to God. Jesus calls on us to follow him deny ourselves take up the cross. Taking up the cross implies suffering for the glory of God.

Jesus died on the cross so that we might have life eternal for the glory of God. Now what does the cross represent to you? Have you forsaken the world? Does Jesus Christ mean more to you than anything else? Why do you call Him Lord, Lord and do not the things he says? Being a Christian means to be like Christ every second of everyday. Did Jesus go around looking for a blessing? Did Jesus put himself before others?

You want to be a true Christian put yourself last on the list of people you can help. Take up your cross and follow me. Where did Jesus go when he took up his cross? He went to die. Have you died out to the world or are you still living? When does Jesus become first in your life? Now if you want to go to heaven.

What does it mean to be a Christian? Live everyday as Christ lived for the glory of God. Forsaken yourself and all others lifting up Jesus first in all you do. If your daily life does not follow the path that Jesus laid out taking up the cross to die to this world and self then I invite you to come to the altar right now and commit your life to Jesus before it is to late.

God will not change his mind there is only one way to be a Christian. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”, John 14:6. Until that happens in your life, you will never experience all God has for you.

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