Summary: What did it mean when the first believers were called Christians? What does it mean today?

What Does It Mean To Be Called a Christian?

Acts 11:19-26

If I were to ask you the question “What Does It Mean To Be Called a Christian?”, there would be many varied answers... even in this place, even among Christians.

Today, I want to answer that question for then, in Paul’s day, and now, in our modern world.


Our story takes place in the city of Antioch. Antioch is the capital of Syria, far north of Israel. It was a Gentile town, with very few Jews. We know that because there were 200,000 people in the city but there was NO SYNAGOGUE.

No synagogue meant there were not even 10 Jewish men there (required to form a synagogue.)

However, with the martyrdom of Stephen, many Christians fled north and many settled in Antioch. We don’t know how many, but they were not afraid to share their faith. As our scripture opens, there is a REVIVAL going on. The Christians who had fled had gotten revived, and were sharing. And the revival had spread to the lost who were getting saved in LARGE numbers.

Verse 21 says”a great number of the people (lost) believed and turned to the Lord.”

(((REMEMBER: Those two words..... together)))

The church at Jerusalem (First Baptist Church of the world) sent Barnabas to check it out and see if it was genuine revival---- blessed by Holy Spirit.

It was!!!! Barnabas knew he needed help.... went to find Paul.

ONE FULL YEAR.... they worked that area, doing follow-up, preaching, teaching.


What did it mean

To those who called them Christians?

To those who were called Christians?


It was the “C” word, equivalent to calling a black person by the “N” word.

You and I wear the name with pride, but it was not a source of pride then.

It was a “put-down”... like “TV Evangelist” today

A term of derision... Like “born again” today

An insult!!!! Like “fundamentalist” today

It came from the Greek word Christos = Lord Christ

and the Latin suffix ian = slave in the household of

Christian meant slave in the household slave of Lord Christ.

That may excite you as much as it does me

I want that on my tombstone... A slave for Jesus Christ!!

But it was an insult then... by those people.

I love what Tacitus (1st Century Greek historian) wrote; “The vulgar call them christians.”

The great cry of that society was FREEDOM

They reveled in their freedom

They hated anyone who sought to take their rights and freedoms

They detested anything that would smack of restraint

It was the hay-day, and beginning of the end for the Roman Empire that was destroyed because of its insatiable hunger to be free from all restraints.

It fell into complete debauchery, and fell apart.

The great sin of our day is INTOLERANCE

The great sin of their day was RESTRAINT– DENYING FREEDOM

The great insult of our day is Intolerant, bigot!!!

The great curse word of their day was “slave” or slavery.

Perhaps Paul was the first to see it as a compliment when he wrote in 1 Peter 4:14, “Blessed are you if you are insulted because of the name of Christ...”

“Blessed are you if they insult you by calling you by His name.”

What made the name so beautiful is that they were “called” christians.

The term “called” does not mean to beckon or to use a name to call them by.

It is the Greek work “krimitidzo” = to call one by their main business.

Like Mr. Baker, or carpenter, or plumber.

It means they were known by their main business.. Which is... being a salve of Jesus Christ.

They supported themselves as “butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.” But their main business was being a slave of Jesus Christ.


By their lifestyle they were known as slave to Jesus.

ARE WE??????

What does it mean today to be called a Christian?


1. One who lives by a set of rules and regulations.

That is not a Christian..... it is a legalist!!!

We are not slaves to rules or laws.... “nomosians”

Paul in Galatians 4:3-7 spoke of how we used to be slaves to the law (Mosaic Law) but how Jesus came and set us free from law and legalism and made us SONS.

“Sons” speaks of RELATIONSHIP.

Not slaves to a thing... law

voluntary submission (relationship) to a person– Jesus Christ


When you get saved, Christ comes to live inside us as the Holy Spirit.


Does not give up without a fight.

Both natures are in there..... BATTLING FOR CONTROL

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