Summary: We daily need “…to be filled with the Holy Spirit,” because it doesn’t take long for the Holy Spirit’s power to ebb away.

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Exception of computer ~ no invention has impacted our world like the cell phone. Motorola made the 1st cell phone available to public @ a whopping $3,500 didn’t sell well 1st mobile phone call was made on June 6th – 1946 in St. Louis  The 1st text was sent in 1989 (took a long time to catch on). In 2000 approximately (17) Billion texts = TODAY (8) Billion texts sent every day = or 92,000 text message’s every second of every day

FYI I’m the most technically challenged of all of your pastors

But even (my phone) has GPS + Fox News + movie reviews + Weather Channel = (4.27.11) deadly tornadoes ~ visiting parents + power outage = phone’s radar gave warnings

But for all the advantages of having a cell phone ~ it’s virtually of NO VALUE unless it’s CHARGED UP!

Every night we plug it into an electrical outlet (attempt to plug into that power source) & normally the cell phone is good to go in the morning.

Ever noticed that wherever you serve, that sometimes you feel very empowered + effective but that other times you just feel powerless & not very useful.

There’s actually a scriptural explanation for these ups’ & downs’; Bible indicates that we daily need “…to be filled with the Holy Spirit,” b-c it doesn’t take long for the Holy Spirit’s power, like the energy from a cell phone to ebb away.

An early biblical example of this is

When Moses came down from Mt Sinai, his face was a-glow b-c he had been in the presence of God ~ so Moses put a veil over his face when he talked to the people.

The reason he covered his face was not just so that people would not have to squint; II Corinthians 3:13 says the reason he covered his face, was b-c he didn’t want the people to see that “…the radiance was fading away.”

If there was a marquee on our foreheads that could indicate our spiritual energy level; for some of us it would be flashing in red ~ ‘Low Power = power fading away!

Experience shows that we can’t get done ~ what God needs to be done by our own power.

EVEN JESUS COULD NOT as a human being made of flesh

Philippians 2: 6 – 7 explains that, “Though Jesus was God He did not think of equality w-God as something to cling to. Instead, He gave up His divine privileges; He took the humble position of a slave.”

As a man w-human limitations ~ check out how Jesus went out to serve & do ministry:

(R) Mark 1: 9 – 13 or p. 761 = same as us

Remainder of time we will tackle this question:How can we be filled w-the Holy Spirit (other words) How do we stay ‘In-Sync w-God’?

Analogy (2) things that you need to enjoy any car you purchase:

1. 1st = is a set of keys: keys unlock the car + keys help you open the trunk + most cars need a keys to start up the engine; not going anywhere w-out the keys!

• Keys are to the car like conversion is to the Christian life: you enter the Christian life thru only one way = the KEY is Jesus!

• (R) I John 5: 11 – 12 or p. 943 in pew Bible

2. 2nd = essential you need for your car is fuel: Too bad we can’t save money by filling up our gas tanks w-water from our garden hose w-hopes our cars will run.

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