Summary: Jesus turn to the crowd and laid to them exactly of what is the cost of being a disciple. What does it mean to live for Him.

What Does It Mean To Live For Christ?

Luke 14:25-35

August 19, 2007

Sermon Series: Following Christ

Scripture Reading:

Bro.Emmanuel Nacido


A. The Ill-fated Sir John Franklin Arctic Expedition

1. Many writers describes the ill-fated Franklin’s expedition which ignores the harsh reality of the Artic

2. Exploration of the Arctic coastal mainland since Franklin’s last Arctic expedition had left less than 500 km of unexplored Arctic coastline.

3. A final Artic expedition had been decided. It was offered first to Sir James Ross. But he declined the offer of commanding another polar expedition (owing to a promise to his wife)

4. The offer was extended to Sir Franklin in which he also accepted.

5. In 1845 Sir John Franklin with some handpicked crew of 24 officers and 110 men sailed from England to find Northwest Passage across the high Canadian sea arctic to Pacific Ocean.

6. The Franklin Expedition sailed in two ships and had five years of food supplies, including 8,000 tins (in one-, two-, four-, six-, and eight lb. capacities) of meat, vegetables, and soup.

7. The ships were powered by steam engine with extra coal. In fact 12 days extra coal would be use for emergency for emergency.

8. But instead of coal according to maritime historian each ships made room for 12 hundred volume library; a hand organ, played fifty tunes; china wares for officers and men; cups and glasses; wine goblets; silver sterlings, etc.

9. This is to be a nice voyage in the arctic The officer’s silver sterling knives, pork and spoon was ornate victorian design, very heavy to handled

10. So, the ship sailed out in high spirit and funfare from England

11. Two months later, July 26, 1845, a British whaling captian saw the two ships and reported back to England that everyone in the ships is in high spirit. He was the last European ever to see any of these men alive.

12. After two years and no word from the expedition, Franklin’s wife urged the Admiralty to send a search party.

13. An expidition found two officrs in a boat on a sledge. They hauled the ships 65 miles. And with the skeletons were clocolates, guns and table silver wares.

14. Many miles South, therre was another scene, alone on the ice, a frozen officer, skeleton was in uniform.

15. So, a series of expedition have been launched to find to remains of Sir franklin and of his crew. Expedition reported that according to Inuit, the white men died of starvation.

16. Nevertheless, (blade) cut marks found on bones from some of the crew suggest that conditions became so dire that some resorted to cannibalism.[32] In the end, it was likely a combination of bad weather, disease, poisoned food, botulism, and starvation that killed the Franklin Party.


-from wikepedia, the free encyclopedia

- SIR JOHN FRANKLIN: His Life and Afterlife

(c) 1996 Russell A. Potter, Ph.D.


B. Sir John Franklin and some of his men have persih because they had understimated the requirements of Arctic explorations. It ignorantly emagined pleasures cruise amidst of comfort of English Club and friends.

1. they had exchange in prepaeration their necessities for luxuries and ignorance of death.

C. Now, this tale of Franklin Expidition intersects with the direction of Luke account of this very point because the prowl of Jesus’ life is headed towards Jerusalem. And He is going to go through heavy seas.

D. Let’s read Luke 13:34

E. What an statement: I’m going there to die because this where I have to die.

F. So, a rough voyage intact for anyone who will follow Christ toward Jersualem.

G. But presently the crowd was everywhere. Crowds was following Jesus. They were amaze of His kingdom preaching. They are amaze of His power.

H. The spirit of the crowd is af if they are going to the festival party.

I. So, Jesus turn to the crowd and laid to them exactly of what is the cost of being a disciple. What does it mean to live for Him.

This afternoon, I want us to go back to Luke 14:25-35. The title of my message is, What Does It Mean To Live For Christ?

I. Place Christ above all others (v. 25) –

Jesus’ opening declaration is a shocker. Jesus’ intention is that for them to think about being a disciple. It is to the crowds of seekers, skeptics, and the “just looking around” that Jesus turns and outlines the stringent requirements for being one of His disciples.

1. Is Jesus Christ is asking them to violate the Ten Commandments? What does it mean by Jesus’ statement?

2. Jesus Christ is not calling for unqualified hate for anything or anybody near of you.

3. He can’t command “husband love your wife” but also hate her too.

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