Summary: We need to be watchful and ready for Christ’s return

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“What does it take to be ready? - Luke 12:35-59

Gladstone Baptist Church - 21/1/07 am

It is embarrassing when we are caught off guard by our bosses.

Do you remember that TV commercial that was airing a couple of years ago about 2 young guys who were playing a computer game across their work computer network at the end of the day. It was one of those hunt down and shoot your opponent type of games.

Well the boss walks into the room of one of the first guy and this guy quickly manages to flick across to a work program and his boss is oblivious to the game he has just been playing. Meanwhile his mate in another office has tracked down the first guy’s character in the computer game and just blasted him to kingdom come. Excited and pumped up with adrenaline, this second guy mate races into the first guy’s office yelling and screaming in victory and comes to a screeching halt when he bursts in on his boss and his friend. There is an uncomfortable silence and then the boss turns to the first guy and says - “You will go a long way in this company” or something like that.

Have you ever had one of those moments when your boss has caught you doing something at work that you shouldn’t. I think we probably have all had some of these moments - doing some personal stuff on the computer or doing a foreigner during work time. For those not in the know - a foreigner is is an outside job.

Oh we all try to ensure we don’t get busted don’t we. I always positioned my desk and computer so that I could see my door, but others couldn’t see my computer. I didn’t like people creeping up on me - even if I was doing valid work. - which was most of the time - really. But every now and then, you would get caught. As much as you think you will have the time to prepare for your boss’ coming - sometimes you don’t and he catches us doing something we probably shouldn’t be.

It feels pretty embarrassing doesn’t it. And depending on what you were doing, you may even get reprimanded or punished for it.

We need to be prepared so we don’t get caught off guard by Jesus.

Though Jesus is not our boss, he calls us to watch out and be ready for his coming because if he catches us unawares, it will be embarrassing at best and extremely costly at worst. If you have your bibles there, turn with me again to Luke 12. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been delving into this chapter and I hope you have been challenged - I have. Luke reminds us in this chapter that we need to be fearful of God not man - not fearful unnecessarily, but fearful because He sees all and knows all things. That is a motivation to live lives of authenticity - not of hypocricy. We say we are Christians, so we need to live like Christians and not be scared what men will say or do to us. We need to be authentic & courageous. Last week, we looked at Jesus’ teaching about planning for the Kingdom of God. He urged his followers not to be consumed with material things which will last for our short earthly lives. He instead recommended that we focus on things that can be changed into eternal treasure - things that will last into eternity. Who can remember one of the 2 things we talked about last week which are eternal in value?

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