Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: WHen you need help from the Lord and it is not coming these are some things to consider


Mark 5:25-29 (Matthew 9:20 & Luke 8:42)

Intro: We find here a woman who has had a physical need for some 12 years and has done all she could do within herself to be cured of this disease. She may have been wealthy or just a hard worker but nevertheless she had spent all her living to get well. A lot people spend a lifetime trying to help themselves but they cannot get better on their own. They must have the help of the Lord. .

I. They must realize they have a problem

A. This woman realized she had a problem for 12 years

1. People often wait a lengthy time before realizing they need help

2. Lost people cannot get saved until they realize the problem is they’re lost

II. They must be in a position for the Lord to help them

A. She had spent all her living and was none the better but rather grew worse

1. People search for everything to fill the void and try to buy happiness in their life but never find

2. For the Lord to help you must realize your condition and get realize the only help that is going to benefit you is from Him

III. They must swallow their pride

A. This woman may have had a since of pride about her since she had been with this disease for 12 years

B. This was not the first time Jesus had passed through the area (probably Galilee)

C. Pride is the number 1 reason people don not get help for the Lord

IV. They must purpose in their heart to touch the Lord

A. (v. 28) For she said, If I may touch his clothes, I shall be whole

1. She knew in her heart what it would take to make her whole

2. Even though the multitude of people crowded her out and away fro Jesus she pressed through until she touched him

3. A lot of people can realize they have a problem, and they have been in a position where God can help them but they will not purpose in their heart to reach out for the Lord for help

V. When the help comes you will want to profess it

A. When Jesus realized someone touched him he asked within her hearing “Who touched me?”

B. Realizing she had been made whole she professed unto Jesus in front of the crowd that it was her

C. She had no shame

D. In verse 20 of the same chapter we find the Gadarene demoniac publishing what Jesus done for him

Closing: Until you realize there is a problem you cannot get help from God. What will it take to get you in a position so the Lord can help you? Pride has kept many people from getting help from the Lord and is responsible for many going to hell. Once you realize you cannot make it without the Lord and you purpose in your heart to get help form him you will experience life as you have never experienced it.

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