Summary: Chapter 11 shows us 4 things that Jesus is. He is our: Friend, Life, Power, and Substitute. How we respond to Him shows others how we truly feel about Him.

What does Jesus bring?

John 11:45-57

∆ Recap:

1. Jesus is our friend (He is moved by Lazarus’s sickness)

2. Jesus gives life (Martha rebukes, but gives credence to resurrection)

a. He is affected by the things around us … relates to us

b. Greek word embrimaomai (anger over sin and death)

c. Greek word etaraxen (agitation over the grief He sees)

3. Jesus is power (Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead; God’s glory revealed)

Read John 11:45-57 / Pray

Today, we will examine how Jesus is our Substitute

∆ Point 1 – He is the substitute for Israel (45-50)

The religious are worried about a revolt

They knew it could/would bring Roman retribution (soldiers)

Problem: Some believed in Jesus now … changed their focus

Note: V47 – This is the only mention of the Sanhedrin in John

They are called together to discuss this problem in their society

Their quandary: “What do we do, now?”

Consider: What would you do if your world was turned upside down?

Challenge: Jesus ALWAYS brings change … do we respond to that well?

Caiaphas (in arrogance, v51) predicted that a man would die

But, his prediction was only for Israel; didn’t count on Jesus dying for all

FACT: God used this man’s arrogance for divine revelation …

Re: Jesus = Substitutionary Atonement

Isaiah 53:10, “Yet it was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer, and though the Lord makes his life an offering for sin, he will see his offspring and prolong his days, and the will of the Lord will prosper in his hand.”

∆ Point 2 – He is the substitute for all people (51-57)

IMP: Jewish Law doesn’t say to murder one for someone else

But, their political agenda sways their decisions; it affects their thinking

For centuries they’ve known a Messiah would come; they did have hope

But … their corruption motivates them (desire to have their stuff …)

Timeline (v53): A conspiracy is born; final week of Jesus’s life is in play

Caiaphas’s prediction was that Jesus should die so the Romans wouldn’t:

• Take away their privileges, and,

• Remove their statuses = comfort and power

Therefore, Jesus’s public ministry concludes (private teachings ahead)

He stayed in a town called Ephraim; small town outside of Judean desert

Note: There have been 4 Passovers in Gospel of John:

• 2:13, Jesus clears the temple

• 5:1, Jesus heals at the pool (this festival was of importance to bring Jesus)

• 6:4, Just before Jesus feeds the 5,000+

• 11:55, this story here …

That gives us just about three and ½ years of public ministry

But, why were they looking for Him (v56)? Performance? Worship? Other?

Surely they thought this Passover might be really interesting

Consider: Post-tragedy is when churches fill up

The crowd may have thought this was going to be event worth attending

IMP: They have no idea how right they are about to be

So, where does this story leave challenge us?

∆ Big Idea

Ch. 11 gives us 4 things that Jesus is: Friend, Life, Power, and Substitute

Consider the reaction of the players in this chapter:

• Martha: Rebuke in her grief; but belief and confession of Christ

• Thomas: Sarcasm to go and die also; but willing to be there

• Jews: Some believed, some didn’t; but there is change in hearts

• Religious/Sanhedrin: We’ve got to remove Him, He changes everything

All of this is because of who Jesus is … so how do we respond to Him?


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