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Summary: Every child needs a role model. Today, we’ll examine 3 things every parent needs to model for their children.

“What Every Kid Needs: A Role Model”

Ephesians 5: 1-7

February 22, 2004

Intro: Steve DeVore has built a multi-million dollar company on the principle of role modeling. DeVore is president of Syber Vision, a company that markets instructional video and audio tapes on everything from golf to skiing to weight control. When DeVore was in college, he happened to watch a bowling tournament on television.

-As he paid close attention to the movements of the bowlers, the thought struck him that if he could emulate their movements, he could probably achieve the same results.

After watching the bowlers closely for thirty minutes, he got in his car and drove to the local bowling alley.

-He got an alley, picked out a ball, and for the next thirty minutes he did just as the professional bowlers had done on TV. He threw nine straight strikes and recorded a score of 278. His highest score up to that point was 163. By emulating a proficient role model, he improved his performance by 115 pins. But the key was just as. He had to do it just as the pros.

-W/that in mind I want to ask you a question. If you’re children we’re to emulate your life as closely as Steve DeVore did professional bowlers, what kind of life performance would your child turn in? Would your child improve his life by 115 pins or would he be throwing gutter balls?

-If your child acted just as you did, what kind of a person would he be? What are the things he’d value in life? How would he treat other people? Would he value a relationship w/God? As I’ve thought @ that question it’s spurred me on to want to reexamine the kind of example I’m giving to my children.

Sermon Idea: Most of us tend to think that the ultimate goal of Xianity is to go to heaven. Now I agree it’s one of the most attractive things @ Xianity. But the Xian faith has other goals as well. And one of the goals we’ll see in our text today is for Xians to live lives like God. God desires for our relationship w/Him to affect us, not only concerning eternity, but while we live and breathe here on earth.

-And if we’re going to live lives like God we’re going to need role models to set the example on how to do it. And parents, I’m here to tell you that you have the potential to be the greatest role model in the life of your child. So we’re going to see 3 things to model for your children.


Bckgrd: Ephesus was one of the premier cities in the world major at this time. It had a population of 250,000 people. It was a major trading city and was also home to the Temple of Diana, which was one of the 7 Wonders of the World. The temple had a major effect on the city in its commerce thru idol making and also the lifestyle practices it promoted, which leaned heavily towards sexual immorality.

-The temple teachings were ingrained in the Ephesians and Paul knew the people needed a different role model if they were going to be blessed by God. So Paul set out to give the people a new role model for living which was Jesus.

-Now guys, let me tell you something. We’re living in a world very similar to Ephesus. We don’t have the Temple of Diana but we do have televisions and movies that promote living lives contrary to how God wants us to live. I’d be willing to venture that most of our entertainment is focused on financial and sexual gratification. And following that type of model isn’t going to get us anywhere near a relationship w/God. And guess who’s being impacted the greatest by this type of entertainment? It’s our children.

-Our kids don’t need the entertainment industry being the major role model in their lives. They need their parents to be the major role model in their lives. Well, what are parents to model for their children? We’re going to see 3 things we should model for our children. The 1st thing we should model for our children is:

DIV. 1: JESUS (vv. 1-2)

Exp: Paul tells us we’re to be imitators of God. The word “imitate” means “to mimic; to copy.” If you’ve been around children long enough you know they’re experts at copying others. One of Emily’s least favorite renditions of mimicking others is when our children start repeating everything she’s just said. We’ll be at the dinner table and she’ll say, “Pass the salt.” And then Hank or Glyn will say “Pass the salt.”

A. Emily will tell them to stop it and then they’ll say “Stop it.” And she typically gets irritated at me b/c I still find it funny. Emily says it’s b/c I’m a little brother. But while mimicking others can be irritating at times, mimicking is actually an excellent way to learn.

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