Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We get excited about so many things; how about the return of Christ?

Last week we noted that Jesus will be coming back to earth soon. There are many signs telling us that Jesus can show up on earth at anytime now!

We also noted that Jesus’ return to earth is a double edged sword: God Jesus Christ will return to earth soon to judge the world of its sin but also to take home to heaven all who believes in Him! In spite of troubles and judgments coming to earth, Christians can stand with confidence that Jesus will keep them safe forever!

Are you confident of your only Redeemer or do you fear, or ignorant, of what will happen to you when God returns to earth? If you have fears about the future and what lies after death, know, believe, and trust Jesus Christ starting today and for the rest of your life! Jesus Christ is God who became human to die for our sins, rose again from the dead, and at the moment seated beside God the Father, but will return soon to earth to judge the living and the dead.

Let us again pause for a time of personal quiet prayer. Pray quietly right now and trust Jesus Christ for everything……….

Let us increase our faith and be changed for the better as we read and listen to the Word of God; open your Bibles to Luke 21 and read along with me v29-38….

Anyone looking forward to Summer here in Wisconsin??

2 weeks ago I was so excited to finally see a Robin bird. As leaves blossom on trees, the grass gets greener and greener, and the temperatures increase, we get excited about Summer! There are excited Wisconsinites out there who are already wearing short pants! (personally, I think they are crazy, but they are super excited about the Summer to come!)

We can be so excited about change in the weather. How excited are we about a universal change in life which will be perfect, holy, joyful, beautiful, and loving forever and ever? This is what Jesus was saying in v31! The Kingdom of God is near; are you excited?

Now, if you look at v32, someone will say that the Bible is full of errors and this is a case in point; How can Jesus say that generation will not pass away until the world judgment happens when clearly the end has not yet come and that generation during Jesus’ time are all dead? Let me say this, if one assumes there are mistakes in the Bible, then they will never fully understand the Bible. The Bible is God’s Word, therefore it is truth and everlasting; Jesus states this in v33! If there are no mistakes or contradictions in the Bible, what did Jesus mean to say in v32 then?

V32-33 indicate this generation which Jesus talks about is the total period left here on earth for man (v35 alludes to this). Jesus was talking about a phase in eternity. Bible Scholars call these phases or periods “dispensations”. When we are studying the Bible, knowing which period of God’s eternal clock the story is at is important. A quick example are the events in the Book of Acts; it was a time when New Testament Scriptures were not written yet and churches were just starting. Yes, there are biblical principles to learn in the Book of Acts but that period of time in God’s eternal clock was unique and not necessarily to be repeated.

We are living in Post Book of Acts; we are living in the church age or age of grace which will end when Jesus returns to earth. Time here on earth will end after the church age, then there is eternity to face based what God says. Are we listening to what God says about life and eternity?

Let us look at what Jesus said in v34-36.

As the time on earth comes to the end, what will weigh down people’s hearts? Isn’t it interesting that what people think will make them happy, carousing (which can be translated as self-indulgence), drunkenness, and being anxious about things in life, will actually weigh them down. Be careful of selfish activities; find joy in the Lord (remember v28…….)!

In v36, Jesus tells us to be always on the watch. In context of what Jesus has been saying what are we to watch for??

Watch for the signs about the end and watch for Jesus’ appearance!

What is the other important thing we are to do according to v36? Pray! – talk to God always about any troubles and be right with Jesus Christ!

Jesus actually sums everything up for us by living what He preached in v37-38. Jesus taught; and of course He taught the Word of God for He is God! Jesus spent time alone with God to pray. And we note the people eager to see and hear Jesus at church! Jesus expressed the need for learning God’s Word, prayer, and worship!

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