Summary: Our journey to Christ and the gifts we bring.

As we conclude our series on the promised birth of our Savior, lets refelect on the prophecies concerning our promised King. I want you to think of these prophecies as a roadmap. Each prophecy pointing the way to Jesus. The things foretold of our Savior:

He would be a Son, born of a virgin, born in Bethlehem,

God in our midst, and the Savior of all men.

Each of us makes a personal journey. Seeking Jesus brings us a great distance. Our starting point is separation from God, bound by sin, sentenced to death. Making this journey requires directional changes. Some of these course corrections include:

Repentance and confession - a turning of the heart and the feet. Seeking Jesus requires belief. You must believe that He died for you, that He rose to give you new life and that He’s coming again.

Look toward the star. The star was the guide for the wise men. In our lives, God sends reference points. These points of reference include people, circumstances and Scripture. Each reference point directs us to Jesus. These points can only point the way, we must follow in faith. If we go our own way, we will miss Jesus.

What is your response to Jesus? We are told that the wise men were both excited and thrilled to see the star. Are you excited about His leading? God cares enough for you to point the way to Jesus. I find taht exciting, God didn’t leave us to wander. Are you thrilled that He has led you personally? None of us come to Jesus the same way. God loves you enough to chart an individual course. Do you desire to be in His presence? There is no greater place of honor than in the presence of Jesus.

The wise men bowed and worshiped Jesus. They gave gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. In addition to these gifts mentioned, we see other gifts they brought. These gifts include, the gift of their time,

the gift of humility, the gift of hope, the gift of worship. They gave the very best of all they had. The question for you today, is what gifts have you given Jesus?

More than anything, Jesus wants the gift of your life.

Jesus came to give His life freely for you. He took your sin upon Himself. He paid your penalty of death. He set you free. In return, He asks that you would freely give your life to Him. He waits patiently for you, but doesn’t force you. In return He gives new life, eternal life that can never be taken away.

Perhaps you’ve already given your life to Jesus. Let me give you some great gift ideas for Jesus this year.

Give Him your time

Give Him your talents

Give Him your creativity

Give Him your praise

Give Him your worship

Give Him your family

Give Him your possessions

Give Him your honor

Give Him control…for He controls it all anyway.

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