Summary: A different look at the story of creation...reflecting on how the creation story mirrors how God operates in our lives today.

If we were to all truly evaluate ourselves, check our credentials and sum up our value and true worth and then from that subtract God from the equation the truth of the matter is we would come up with NOTHING We would be left with something that is void, empty, formless, and without light. Yet, and we are all guilty of it at some point or another, we climb gracefully up on top of our High Horse and have the audacity to think of ourselves as Self-made, self-educated, self- sufficient, and self-reliant. When the reality of the situation is, we are made in His image, Made at His discretion, consecrated for His purposes, and Saved by His Grace. If you really want to break it down as the songwriter says we can’t even Walk without Him holding our hands.

As we look over our text today, I am certain that it is a story that each of you is at least vaguely familiar with and for as many times as I have heard it or read over it I had to some degree just taken it at face value without much additional thought. It was simply the creation of the world. However, as I was preparing for today, God placed it in my spirit to revisit this particular passage. In really studying it, I noticed that it truly does mirror the way that God works in our lives today.

God took absolute nothingness and created a masterpiece from it. He took chaos and brought order. He took darkness and blessed it with light. He cradled the earth in its void ness and filled it with new life. And then he took dirt, the clay of the Earth and with his loving hands caressed it and formed man - but He did not just form him in any old kind of way. He created man in his own image. Then he knelt beside him and kissed him with the breathe of life.

Therefore, the Bible begins not with just a recount of the creation of the world, but with a picture of the very nature of God. The Bible starts out showing us that He is a creator God and that nothing, no mountain, no valley, and no living thing can come in to His presence without being transformed and recreated. He is a God that specializes in creating Great Outcomes from Nothing Beginnings. A God that forms and fills. He is a God that can see beyond what is to what can be. See, even when we were in the womb He knew us. Even when we were lost in Sin He loved us. Our steps were ordered even before we acknowledged His presence. He sees something in us even when we are dwelling in our nothingness.

The scripture says, “The earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the deep…”

But even in that chaos, the word goes on to say that … “the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

What an incredible gift…to know, that when we need God the most, God is right there, waiting with open arms for us to turn to Him, waiting to receive us, waiting to create life in an otherwise empty world.

When we get to the point in our lives, when it seems as if everywhere we look, there is nothing but darkness…right there on the edge…we will find God!

God is always there……waiting and watching……wanting to create a Great Outcome from our Nothing Beginning And you know what? If we are willing to let Him, this is exactly what He does. The Bible tells us that anyone who comes to Christ Jesus is a new creation: “the old is gone, the new has come!”

Now I know, that all of you were probably saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled from the cradle to today, so what I am saying won’t necessarily apply to you. But, for the three of four us that know that we were lost in the middle of our mess before we invited God into our life. Who know that before God stepped in there was nothing but chaos, but he came in and brought with him a peace beyond all understanding. Who know that before God stepped in our lives were so black with sin, despair, and confusion that we could not see a way out and therefore know that He is truly a light unto our path. For those of us who know that We don’t even deserve to be in this place raising up Holy Hands because for where we have been and what we have been through we should have been six feet under. For us the fact that God truly specializes in creating something from Nothing is enough to get our praise on. See even if HE doesn’t move another mountain….I can’t complain.

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