Summary: A challenge to realiza how God can use you.

This is a song of Moses. The last forty year period of Moses’ life has been spent in the wilderness of Midian tending the flocks of his father-in-law Jethro. While in the wilderness Moses was a witness to the wonders of God in creation. He had been particularly fascinated by the relationship of the mother eagle to her young eaglets. In this he saw a mighty illustration of how God had been dealing with His people the nation of Israel. So you are think that is all fine and good but what does this have to do with me living in the twenty-first century. So the question is, can we find an application in this passage for us? Today we will not only find an application, but we will answer the question, “What God can do with you.”

I. As an eagle stirs up her nest.

A. Why would she resort to such a practice?

1. She has taken such time and care to build a nest in some high lofty place so her young would be safe.

2. She has lined it with feathers and fur to make sure the nest would keep her young warm and comfortable.

3. However, all of a sudden she begins to rip out that comfortable lining with her mighty talons.

4. Why would she resort to such a practice?

B. Because instinctively the mother eagle knows her young are not destined to remain in the nest.

1. They were not created for this purpose.

2. They were meant to soar into the heavens and to be the kings of the sky.

C. By stirring the nest the mother eagle is simply trying to produce within her young a discontent with the old life and desire to move out into the bigger and better world.

II. This also holds true with God.

A. The father of the great nation of Israel can be an example of this.

1. Abraham was doing very well down in Uhr of Chaldeas.

2. Abraham even by today’s standards was a very wealthy man.

3. He had a large family, nice home and very large flocks and herds.

4. Everything was going great until one day God decided to stir up his nest.

5. God told Abraham that I want you to go to this land that I will show and if you do I will bless you.

6. The faith chapter of the Bible, Hebrews 11 tell us that by faith Abraham went into a land that He did not know.

B. These same types of events are duplicated in the life of Abraham’s great grandson Joseph.

1. Joseph was one of twelve sons and he was the favorite of the twelve as seen in the costly coat of many colors given to him by his father Jacob.

2. Little brother getting all the attention did not sit well with the other brothers so they began to plot to kill.

3. Rueben his older brother saved him and he was sold into slavery to a passing caravan for twenty pieces of silver.

4. A lesser man would have cursed God, but Joseph was one of those few who have the insight to see that God’s purpose can not be frustrated by adversity, calamity or catastrophe.

5. Sold to the house of Potipher, immediately he saw there was something special about this young man Joseph.

6. Joseph is made head over all Potipher’s possessions and he begins to feel comfortable until God stirs up his nest.

7. Pothipher’s wife begins setting her affections on Joseph and after a staged act Joseph finds himself in prison once again the future becomes dark.

8. Even in prison Joseph’s character shines through and he is made the head over all the prisoners.

9. While in prison he meets to of the king’s servants and they have been having dreams.

a. By the power of God Joseph interprets those dreams

b. One would be restored to Pharaoh’s favor and the other would be executed.

10. Joseph stays in prison another two seemingly a forgotten man until Pharaoh begins to have dreams that no one could interpret.

11. By the power of God Joseph interprets the dreams and Pharaoh makes him second in command over all of Egypt.

C. God’s people were made slaves, their cry went up before the Lord, “Where was the man of the hour?”

1. He had fled the land and was tending flocks in the land of Midian.

2. While Moses was watching the flocks he saw a very peculiar sight it was a bush on fire but it was not being burned up.

3. As Moses arrives to investigate he begins to hear voices and to make matters worse the voices were calling Him by name.

4. Finally Moses figures out it is the Lord calling to him from the bush and Moses gives Him his undivided attention.

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