Summary: How Leprosy So Clearly Depicts Sin

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Leviticus 13:2 reading 1-3

Thruout Human History Certain Words Have Brot Fear & Even Terror N2 Peoples Lives


Another One of Those Words That Has Brot Terror To Millions Is the Word “Leprosy”

Leprosy Is a Chronic Infectious Disease That Literally Eats Away a Persons Flesh

---------- Has Been Around For Thousands of Years & Has Killed & Mutilated Millions

---------- Had NO Cure Until the Drug Lapsone Came Along in the Late 1940’s

Interestingly, the Bible Has MUCH 2 Say About Leprosy—9 Bks {Lev. 13-14..116 Verses}

Doesn’t Mention Colds—Cholera—Chicken Pox—Scoliosis—Diabetes—Cancer—etc.

WHY Leprosy? Scholars Would Say B/C It So Clearly Depicts The Effect of Sin On Us

READ TEXT: This AM I Want 2 Note WGWU2L About Sin From Leprosy

{God Wants Us To Learn That Sin…Like Leprosy…}

1) GWU2LTSLL Is Not Discriminating {13 “a man” = any person}

A.Generally People Would Think That the Poor-Weak-Unimportant Contract Leprosy

1. NOT SO—God Made Miriam a Leper—Naaman Was—King Uzziah Was

B. Likewise Sin Doesn’t Discriminate {1st Man Adam-Noah-Abram-David-Paul-U & I

2) GWU2LTSLL Usually Starts Small {13:2 “scab or a spot}

A. How Many People Didn’t Pay Attention 2 Small Scab/Spot…Until Grown Outta Con

1. Maybe They Saw It In Themselves..Or Saw In Loved One & Didn’t Think Proble

B. Likewise Sin Starts Out Small N Selves & Others {Temper Cute—Everyone Does it}

3) GWU2LTSLL Is Sometimes Hard 2 Identify {13:4 “Shut up 7 days & look again”}

A. Every Spot/Scab That Shows Up On Person Isn’t Leprosy..Should B Checked Out

B. Likewise Many Things N Our Lives RN SIN’S GREY AREA..---------------------------

4) GWU2LTSLL Is Diagnosed By God {13:2 His word thru priest}

A. If God’s Description of the Spot Classified It As Leprosy..The Priest Called It Lepros

1. God Is The Great Physician & His Diagnosis Is Always Correct {Important too}

B. Likewise It Is God Who Classifies What Sin Is {If Any Question Take Care of It}

5) GWU2LTSLL Makes Us Utterly & Totally Unclean {13:44 “Utterly Unclean”} Defiled

A. There Is No LITTLE BIT of Leprosy..Either Leper or Not {As Small Pox,etc.}

1. God Wanted Mankind 2C Selves & Each Other As GOD SEES THEM

B. Likewise Sin Makes People Totally Unclean {Unusable 2 God/Unnac.2 Heaven}

6) GWU2LTSLL Is Contagious {13:45 “Shall cry, Unclean, Unclean”}

A. Lepers Were A Grave Danger 2 Others & Society{People Greatly Feared Exposure 2

1. God’s Requirement Seems Harsh…But the Alternatives Seem More Harsh

B. Likewise Sin Is Very Contagious {People Play With—Hide—Gov. Protects} C Result

7) GWU2LTSLL Ruins Everything {13/14 speak of burning garments & razing home}

A. No Wonder the Word Leprosy Struck Terror In Peoples Hearts—Look @ Cost Of

B. Likewise Sin Has Ruined Everything In World…Tell Me What’s Still Pure?

1. God Wants Us 2C Everything From HIS Perspective..All Ruined & Lost

8) GWU2LTSLL Separates {13:46 “Dwell alone” From God & Man}

A. Lepers Couldn’t Go Home—Hug Children—Kiss Spouse—Have Job—Temple

B. Likewise Sin Separates People From Home—Family—Society—Church—God

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