Summary: "We often think that all there is to being a Christian is a ticket to heaven, but there is so much more!"

“What happened at our new birth!"

John 1:12-13, then John 3:1-18


Introduction: What Happened to you when you became a Christian?

Have you ever thought about this topic before?

We know that when we accepted Christ, He forgave us of our sins and we are going to heaven.

Now, that ought to make a Baptist want to shout! Can you say Amen this Morning?

But, there is still some more to this Christian life.

When you become a Christian, there is a transformation that takes place.

It’s a transformation into a new life.

This transformation holds the key to what it means to be a Christian, live for Christ, relate to other believers and see yourself as God sees you.

Today, this message is going to help us see just what took place the moment we started a relationship with Jesus Christ.

A few minutes ago, we read the verses in John 3:1-18, we read about Nicodemus’s conversation with Jesus is a story about new life!

The problem we have a new Christians is that we don’t accept the new life or know what it means let’s look further this morning.

I. First, a new life means a new birth.

You see we do not become Christians by being baptized as infants, keeping a set of rules, observing any particular customs, or being born to Christian parents.

We become Christians by being born again.


Children go from the warm, cozy environment of their mother’s womb into a cold harsh outside world.

My Friends, that is total transformation.

You are totally different/new and you can’t go back!

The old has gone (2 Cor. 5:17 says, Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.)

Glory be to God!

The new life means, we have become new through Christ and we are a new Christian!

My friends we need to get a hold of that truth.

We get saved and don’t take hold of that promise and live a mediocre life.

Dear friends, grab on to the truth of God’s Word.



We have been reconciled--in a new relationship with God.

We now have peace with God--we are no longer His enemy.

We now are no longer in a relationship with sin--but now have righteousness with GOD.

The old life is forgiven, the sin has been erased, God sealed, abilirated it, whited it out at Calvary shout for joy!


The old is gone, let it go today.

The new birth means a completely different way of life, the sin, the drugs, the illicit relationships, the stealing, the gossiping, the adultery, let it go in


Jesus name, accept the new life.

The “New Birth” means all has changed, not addition to the old life.

Jesus isn’t added, but Jesus has minused the old life away and He is now the dominant or new life in You!

Give God praise this morning!

II. Second, New Life Means a New Identify:

Being born again Means that we have a new identity in Christ.


One thing that has people worried today is identitiy theft.

With this new technological age, people can get your information from your computer, over the phone, some even still it from you mail box.

When they do it plays havoc on our lives, and hurts us inwardly.


But, praise God, the identity that we have in Him can’t be stolen or taken away!

No matter who tries, the devil and all of hell, can’t take away what God has given us, can you say Amen!


This new identity is not a new set of rules, but a relationship with God.

It’s not even getting something new, but being something new!


The new identity in Christ, erases the former identity of crook, it wipes away the former identity as Harlot or Hooker, it wipes away the former identity as a theft or adulterer.

Can you say Amen!

Also, the new identity means a new relationship with God.


1. Now, you can call God “Daddy”!

Romans 8:15 “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.”

You see after we are born again, we now can call God Father or Daddy.

His love is based on who you are, not by what you do.

Also, the scriptures describe God’s love further in Romans 8:38-39.

2. You now have intimacy with God--spend time with your Creator.

3. You have access to God. You can pray to Him, come to Him anytime, anywhere, about anything--He always has the “Open” sign on.

4. With God being our father--let Him be the Boss!

Not only are you born again, you now have a new relationship based on love.

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