Summary: What God will do with a church when it has vision

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What Happens when a church has vision

Nehemiah 2


Without vision the people perish. The word of God

makes it clear that when we as his people do not get a

fresh revelation from him, in other words if we have and

are not seeking him on what he wants to do through us

then the countless people around us will perish. We,

you and I have to keep our focus on heaven and what

God desires to do through us or we become selfish and

lazy. Church becomes a mentality of me, I’m okay and

this is my church and I like the way things have always

been. That is exactly what happens to churches who do

not have a fresh vision from God. We can go from

coast to coast and without an exception we would find

churches who are closing or maintaining the flock are

those who are there to serve themselves and when they

time they might see what God wants. I don’t believe

that God is pleased with this mentality, as a matter of

fact I would have to say that it probably causes him to

be angered and grieved. I believe that God calls his

people to a people who hear from him and understand

what he wants them to do. A church with vision is a

church that is impacting the natural and supernatural for

the kingdom of God and accomplishing his will for that


Today I want to show you what happens to when we

have vision. The vision committee has finished what we

believe is God’s calling for our church for this hour and

time. Vision starts in the heart of the leadership of a

fellowship, but for it to become effective and impacting

it must be a shared vision. In other words every one

who calls Victory Christian Fellowship their home needs

to understand what God has called us to be. We need to

figure out what part each of us can do to make the

vision become a reality. What God desires for you is

that this vision become a part of your heart and your

life. So that you pray for it, own it, and participate in it.

Let’s look at what a vision will do for a church

1. Let us hear from God in fresh way

Neh. 2:4b

Neh. sought the Lord for answers, in his seeking God

spoke to him. The thing we see from Neh. is that

throughout the process he was in communication with

God. God was able to direct and confirm what he

wanted him say to King Artaxerxes.

When we go afte God and begin to ask him what he

wants us to do and be then we can expect that he will

answer us. By doing so we get a fresh revelation we

hear from him on what he wants us to do right now.

Not 5 years ago not 10 years ago, but right now.

Illust.- Bread -warm from the oven (Texas Roadhouse)

good. You want more

Stale bread- bread that can still be used, but just

not enticing. There are some ways to use it . Recipes

2. Vision encourages us

Neh. 2:8

And because the gracious hand of God was upon me,

the king granted my request.

You see Neh. was greatly encouraged because he knew

that God was with him in this adventure and journey.

He was able to be bold with his requests and step out

into unfamiliar territory. Remember that the Jews were

still in captivity at this time, Neh. was not talking to

another Jew he was getting father with their captors.

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