Summary: A look at the diffence between real revival and man-made "revival meetings."

Starting Point:

Revival only happens when the fire of God falls from heaven.

- v. 38.

- I didn’t know how exactly to share this passage, then it occurred to me that what’s in this passage serves as an example for us of a real revival.

- too often, we call something a revival that isn’t really the fire of God falling from heaven.

- cubic zirconium.

Real and False Revival (4 E’s):

- all these are half-truths.

1. “I could feel the Spirit!” - Myth: Revival is an emotion.

- everybody gets worked up into an emotional frenzy.

- tears, shouts, altar, joy.

- you leave feeling something/ ‘well, if I feel something, then it must have been revival.’

- a true revival does touch your emotions, but touched emotions in themselves are not enough.

- cf. v. 39 to v. 21.

- Real Revival: Hearts were changed.

- is this verse a cry of commitment or mere emotions?

- you can get all worked up in a church service, but then walk out and your life’s not changed.

- facing our own half-hearted obedience and devoting ourselves anew.

- sin was confronted in their own lives.

2. “That was a great preacher!” - Myth: A good revival is entertaining.

- an entrancing preacher or a skilled singer.

- entertainment is all about making us feel good.

- Super Bowl debacle this week - tasteless, inappropriate, shameless, self-serving but I didn’t hear anyone say, “Wrong.”

- a good revival does draw your attention, but it doesn’t always leave you feeling better (at least at first).

- v. 40.

- Real Revival: Sin was confronted.

- not just (as in point #1, within the church) but beyond the church into the society.

- obviously not in the same way that happened in this story (nor is our fire usually literal).

- real revival has an impact beyond the church; it begins to change the society too.

3. “God’s gonna pour out the blessings!” - Myth: Revival brings a life of ease.

- kick back and enjoy the blessings.

- v. 41 and 44b.

- Real Revival: Blessings flowed, but also brought some problems.

- the rain was going to be so heavy that Ahab is warned to get going and Elijah is given supernatural abilities to outrun.

- we sometimes think of revival as bringing the blessings that will make everything perfect/no more problems.

- but having a greater presence of God doesn’t only bring blessings, it also can bring challenges.

- having to forgive/having to change a behavior/having to treat people differently/having to give up some things.

4. “I’m filled with the Holy Spirit!” - Myth: Revival is a religious ecstasy.

- suddenly everything comes easily/no effort required.

- vv. 42-44.

- Real revival: Persistence is still required.

- it’s not so much that the problems all disappear, but that now you have a greater infusion of the Spirit to be able to handle those problems.

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