Summary: A Youth Sunday sermon that reaches out to both the young & the young at heart.

“What have you learned?”

As we walk through life it is important that we know & understand that this, this space in time we call life: is actually a place to glean wisdom & understanding. It is a place where experience is an awesome teacher.

Parents & adults, we are required to teach our children & our young people. But teach them what?

· We must teach them that nothing in life happens by chance.

· Everything that happens to us, everyone that crosses our path, every choice we make has a divine outcome.

· We may think that we are in control; we may think that no one else sees us: But GOD, the Elohim, the Great I AM, knows the decision you will lean to before you even think it!

· God knows the desires that creep & dance around in you hearts & minds.

· GOD sees when we, young old & in between, when we dance to close to the fires of sin & get overcome by things that we should have walked on by.

· GOD has laid the very foundation of your faith & has poured within each of us a enough to get us through from day to day.

These are the things we should be teaching our young people as they prepare to start their own journey.

For instance: If you knew that a portion of your frequently traveled street was full of huge potholes you would most likely do one of two things, you would take a different route, or if you absolutely had to go that way, you would learn where the potholes are & drive accordingly. Why? Because…. experience is a master teacher!

Experience is a master teacher. Some take her class & walk away empty & lost. So we, adults & parents, have a huge responsibility; we are required to give our young people a head start in life. How? By teaching them from our experiences. But before you can teach, you must answer this: What have you learned?

Have you walked through life wearing those famed rose-colored glasses, just having a casual relationship with GOD? Or have you lain on your face, with tears streaming down, sacrificing yourself to HIM, in an effort to know HIM intimately?

How can we teach our young people, when we ourselves are just skating by? How can we teach them when we ourselves are still trying to “Live” like we are teenagers, trying to restore something that you know good & well is dead & dried up! What have you learned?

In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon, the Preacher, purposed to find out the meaning of life. In all of his searching Solomon realized that everything was vain; empty, without meaning. The only thing that had any meaning, any purpose, was our servitude to GOD.

Solomon closed his study on life with this: Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear GOD, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

Solomon learned that there is nothing (there was nothing then & there is nothing now) that can fill your soul’s longing, that can satisfy your thirst & hunger in life; except to be in a right relationship with GOD.

A right relationship means that you have your priorities right in life & with HIM: He is GOD & you are worshiper; HE is Creator, you are created; HE is Father, and you are child; walking by HIS wisdom & living by HIS grace.

Young people, youth is the time of the your greatest vigor, when the sense of enjoyment is at it’s sharpest. Cares & worries have not yet begun to corrode the your mind, or your faith in mankind; nor has hope lost its wonderful charm. But as you young men & women rejoice in your youth, please know this: A life devoted to entirely to earthly pleasure, has no solid worth!

The bible tells us: He who lives to satisfy earthly desires, living unmindful of the duty given mankind by GOD, will find at the close of his life, that he has been grasping at shadows; like those of a dream.

Young people I am compelled to share this with you: Life is a cruel taskmaster! Unless a man has the hope of immortality in Christ Jesus: you may as well be doing the backstroke up Niagara Falls. Because life will wear you out! What have you learned?

Christian wisdom commands the rational & sober use of pleasure. Because when fleshly pleasures are pursued for it’s own sake, it leads to forgetfulness of GOD, & it weakens the power of spiritual control.

Even those who are most careful have need to constantly keep before them certain truths. The main of which is that man (young, old or in between) should always be mindful of that solemn judgment awaiting each of us. We are to be ever aware of this reckoning which GOD will make with all mankind

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