Summary: a simple defination of Holiness that leads to holy living

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Hebrews 12:14 What Holiness Is


A. The subject of Holiness is like the subject the little boy turned in to his teacher as the theam of his term paper. THE WORLD AND ALL THAT IS THERE IN.

a. Of course the subject was to large a subject and so is my subject for there is no way I or anyone could cover all the material on Holiness in one setting.

b. Therefore I shall limit myself t one simple aspect of Holiness and endavour to give a simple defination of Holiness.

B. I do not plan to give a theogical defination nor a dictionary defination of Holiness, but share with you some simple truths concerning this great subject of Holiness.

a. I do not claim to be an authority on the subject but consider myself a studant on the first round of the latter of learning about this subject.

b. However there are some things I have learned accross the twenty-nine years of pastoring and studying the word that has helped me to come to a better understanding of Holiness.

c. It is my desire that this message help others in their walk with Christ in this old troubled world.

C. There is much misunderstanding about Holiness these days.

a. Let me illustrate with a story that occured in one of my pastorates.

b. In that pastorate a young family began coming to church. The young lady was very much in love with Jesus since He had lifted her out of a life of sin. I was led to preach a searies on Holiness. I begain by giving scriptural reasons on why I beleive in Holiness as a second deninate work of grace. I had given several old and new teatament scriptures that had led me to Ephesians 1:4. Upon completion of reading and expounding on that verse a moment, the young lady turned to her husband and gave him their baby. She then got up form where they were setting made her way to the alter and began praying. I opened the alter and after a while invited all Christians to come pray with those around the alter. We had prayed only a few moments when she prayed clear through and God sanctified her Holy. Later as the testified she said, "I have heard people talk about being sanctified and thought to myself, they think they are better than everyone else. Now she said I know better."

c. It is my desire that this message will clear up someother misunderstandings about Holiness.

d. With that let me get into the heart of my message.


A. It is distinct from but begins in regeneration commonly known as the new birth.

B. It is a second work because it deals with a different aspect of sin than the new birth or regeneration does.

a. You see sin is of a two fold nature.

1. First there are the sins we commit. Sins like lieing, stealing, cursing and all sorts of acts of sin.

(a). These are taken care of when we come o Jesus in repentance of sin asking forgiveness of sin.

2. Second there is the principle of sin or the root of sin.

(a). This is what makes one committ the acts of sin. The principle of sin is still in the heart.

C. Holiness deals with the principle of sin it cuts the taproot of sin off and destroys it.

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