Summary: Three people are mentioned by name (besides Jesus) in John’s resurrection chapter. What do these three people have to say to us?


- John is the greatest gospel theologically.

- The resurrection story is the most important chapter.

- There are only three people mentioned by name in this chapter (besides Jesus) (note: “the other disciple whom Jesus loved” is an obvious reference to John, but he is not mentioned by name).


What is the importance of these three people in this greatest chapter of the greatest gospel? What is the message of these three people?


QUESTION #1: What would Jesus say to the person desperately seeking a way to deal with their mess of a life?

PERSON #1: Mary Magdalene.

- Luke 8:2 notes that she had seven demons cast out of her.

- John 20:1-2, 11-18; Luke 8:2; John 19:25.

HONOR GIVEN HER: First to see Jesus resurrected.

- v. 16.

QUESTION #2: What would Jesus say to the person who was

once close to Jesus but walked away?

PERSON #2: Peter.

- walked away: Matthew 26:13-35, 69-75.

- John 20:2-10; 21:15-19; Acts 2:14-39; Matthew 26:13-35, 69-75.

HONOR GIVEN HIM: First to preach the Good News.

- Acts 2:14-39.

QUESTION #3: What would Jesus say to the person who

believes faith in Jesus requires turning off their brain?

PERSON #3: Thomas.

- John 20:24-29.

HONOR GIVEN HIM: First to have the insight to call Jesus “God.”

- John 20:28.


- In each case, God chose to use someone far short of perfect in this most important of all moments.

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