Summary: Dear Americans, Moslems of America must not deceive us if they act nicely. They cannot fight the Americans right now. They are now a minority and lack power. So, until they have enough power, they as a whole and in part decided to use cunning methods comp


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What If the Terrorists Ruled America?

The Americans Will Reap a Bitter Harvest!


(Tuesday, September 11, 2001, 9:00 A. M.)

(Studies on Islam)



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* (Islam) is the religion of Muslims founded by Mohammad in 610 A. D. in Arabia.

* (Allah) is the moon god of the Arabs and Muslims.

* (Quran) is the Holy Book of Muslims believed to be Allah’s Revelation to Mohammad. (Q = Quran)

* (Hadith) is the book of Mohammad’s sayings. (H = Hadith)

* (Terrorists) The Islamic Army is a worldwide terrorist network. They apply the Quran regarding killing the Jews, the Christians and all non-Muslims. Their mission is to spread Islam by force and to wipe out anyone that rejects Islam.


What would the terrorists do if they ruled America?

What teachings of the Quran do they apply to kill the Jews and the Christians?

What would happen to the values and institutions that we Americans hold dear?

First: Our Freedom:

The founding fathers who came here to escape religious oppression established America on the Bill of Rights. The Constitution gives the USA citizens the right to express themselves as they please, to criticize the president, to worship in the way they want and to act in any way they see appropriate, as long as they do not break any law or violate the rights of others.

What would happen to this freedom if America becomes a "Nation of Islam"?

Would they grant the citizens the right to choose the

religion they want or would they force us to convert to Islam according to the Quran:

"If anyone wants a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him." (Q 3:85)

If the terrorists forced a Christian to convert to Islam but later he decided to turn back to Jesus Christ, death should punish him. "Kill whosoever changes his religion (Islam)." (H 9:57)

The terrorists want us to follow the restrictions found in Islam where they do not allow women to drive a car and no one can worship openly according to any religion other than Islam.

You will lose your right to speak your opinion. Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran issued an order to murder a British writer, Salman Rushdie, just because he spoke his opinion about Islam.

Have you ever heard about the persecuted church in Islamic countries? They are planning to establish the "Nation of Islam" in America. If America becomes a "Nation of Islam," Christians of America will suffer the same persecution. We Christians would have to obtain a presidential permission to build a Church. The Militant Muslims

will kill us, kick us out of our homes, burn our cars,

houses and business, bomb our Churches, kidnap

and rape our daughters, sell us slaves in the market places as they do in Sudan and with the Copts

(Christians of Egypt). We will be discriminated in all aspects of our lives, including education, employment and promotions. Cutting off the hands and the feet, crucifixion and death punish us if we reject converting to Islam as it is written in the Quran (Q 3:36) This is how they treat Christians in Islamic countries.

Second: Our Democracy

The American law gives the citizens the

right to rule themselves, to elect the president, to

write the laws that will govern their lives, to decide

the percentage of taxes to be collected from them

and how it will be spent.

Nevertheless, if the Quran is the law, you will lose all these rights and only a tiny minority will

rule you. Muslims call the governor "Caliph," the

one who rules in the name of Allah using the

law of the Quran. They believe that the Quran must be the only source of legislation:

"O Mohammad, We (Allah) have sent down to you the book (Quran) in truth that you might judge men as guided by Allah. " (Q 4:105)

Here are just a few teachings of the Quran applied in Islamic countries:

* Stealing: punished by hand amputation (Q 5:38)

* Adultery: punished by public flogging (Q 24:2)

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