Summary: What be be missing if Jesus never came.

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During this advent season, we have been talking about waiting. How the Hebrew people waited for their messiah and how we wait for his return. We have also considered how we tend to take the ancient meaning of Christmas for granted. The stress that has to be there because Mary and Joseph’s said yes to God against the norms of the culture.

The Question for today is “What if the gift we celebrate at Christmas didn’t happen?

Let’s start with a few secular things.

The fruit cake industry would have never gotten off the ground. There would be a glut of all the candied fruit. Probably 6 or seven jobs would be lost. So personally, I haven’t got a problem so far.

How about this thought, the amount of stress this time of year at my house would drop at least 90%. All the discussion about gifts and getting something or enough for “everybody.” Add the stress of the cost of celebrating Christmas.

The “DISCUSSION” over the unfair holiday work distribution in shopping and preparations…

To me the reduction of stress might be another positive change if the Gift had never come.

Of course, our lives would be a bit more boring as well.

- How about changes toward a healthier life style:

Eggnog and other seasonal delicacies would probably disappear like the dinosaurs. Doctors would push ban them because of the sugar and cholesterol and people would live healthier because it was no longer consumed between November and January each year. Basically, Eggnog and certain other tasty deserts and candies are only protected by the spirit of the Christmas season.

Add to that the reduced likelihood of stuffing ourselves at the seasonal parties in our home and clubs and offices because of the parties.

Simply stated if the Gift never came we would avoid the seasonal weight gain and the guilt that goes with it.

Look at all the questions that would never be asked.

- Do reindeer really know how to fly?

- What magic is in that old silk hat?

- Santa and the whole chimney discussion that none of is able to explain anyway. - How long does it take to get the words to “Santa Clause is coming to town” or “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” out of your head?

I am sure that most of you remember the Christmas classic movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

George Bailey is standing on the bridge and is about to commit suicide when he meets Clarence Odbody – Angel Second Class.

He makes it so that George can see what would happen if he had never been born. The quaint little town of Bedford Falls turns into Potterville, a tuff dark place with a big city feel. He sees a town that is full of bars and corruption and crime. He sees a town with less love and none of then things he loves. The movie tells us that any one person makes a difference in ways that we may never know.

I definitely agree that one person can make an enormous difference in the lives of others. I believe that even the smallest gift of joy or kindness has an impact on people. There are many people that have made big differences for me personally. Difference that could have made me a completely differences person that I am today….Most of them for the good.

But the question we are looking at this morning is more specific,

“What If Jesus Never Came?”

I want to suggest that our world has been changed in such vast ways that none of us can even imagine what it would be like if He had not come.

We take a lot of things for granted in how our country and even our families operate. We claim Christian values make this a better place to live and I agree. As proof we connect the teaching of Jesus found in the Bible to be evidence of the way we think life should be.

So, I would like for us to consider some specific areas where Christ has had a significant impact on civilization, as we know it.

Some say that the world would be a better place without Christians, they use example if sins within church history to build their case. (Crusades, inquisition and witch hunts)

I am sure that there is plenty of moderns sins within the church could also be used the condemn Christians. However it is unfair to judge God/Jesus based on what every Christian says and does. Man tends to go to one extreme or the other and fail to mirror the actions and teachings of Jesus Christ.

However, there are plenty of good examples to celebrate as a result of the Gift.

It was the earliest Christians that rescued infants from the dump and opposed infanticide and human sacrifice - Christians have founded orphanages

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