Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The atheist does not find God the same reason the thief does not find a policeman.


James 4:13-17

As far as I know Madelyn O’Hare is the most known atheist in America. She is the one who had school prayer outlawed. I have not heard a great deal of her in quite some time now. I did hear that she might have become a believer in Jesus Christ, I hope so. She is what we call an intellectual atheist.

Do you remember several years ago the Russian Cosmonauts going out into space? One of them said some say there is a God out here somewhere but in all my traveling around the earth I have not seen Him. Sense I have not seen Him I do not believe there is a God. If he had stepped out of that space ship he would have believed there is a God. But at his death he will believe in God but too late then.

There are some who really don’t know what they are saying when they say there is no God. They are like the one who said I am an atheist, thank God. The atheist does not find God the same reason the thief does not find a policeman. There are some who really believe there is no God. Still you know what the Bible says about the intellectual atheist? The Bible says the fool has said in his heart there is no God. Sometime ago the atheist were complaining about the Christians had all the special days. They say we have Christmas, we have Easter, all the special days. It was suggested that they should have a special day so someone said give the April the first.

This morning I want to talk about a group far more in number than the intellectual atheist. I want to talk about the practical atheist. Have you ever heard of them? Even if you haven’t, I believe you will know a lot of them when we get into the message. These are the people who believe there is a God but live as if there is no God. I mean in their lives they give no evidence at all there is a God in heaven. They seldom come to worship service in the church. They seldom pray and then only when they are in a bind. What James does in the text is sort of take the cover off the practical atheist and leave him defenseless. What James does is to show the practical atheist for what he really is.

First of all we need to notice the picture he draws 13. When you look closely you will see a Jewish merchant in our lesson. He has his robe on and all his maps laid out to take a trip. His camels are all loaded and servants waiting for the word to take the big business trip.

I believe we can see even farther down the road than that. If we look closely this morning we can see the 20th century businessman. He has his fine suit on and his bags packed to go on a trip. Look in verse 13. Now James wants us to see every detail of this man getting ready for his business trip. Here the businessman has a definite place in mind. We will go to Boom City America. Not only a definite place in mind but also a definite plan in mind. He says we will continue there a year or two. We could just keep on cause James paints such a detailed picture of this man. There is a definite procedure in mind. He says we are going to buy and sell. There is a definite purpose in mind and that is to make gain. The name of the game is big bucks baby.

What is wrong with this picture? We all know there is something missing. We notice it in the story but what about in real life? We see not only the picture he draws in our text but also the problem he detects. Notice again in verse 13 the words go to now. That means wait just a minute. Think about what you are doing. When you examine the problem in this text you will discover that this is the problem with businessman, housewives, and young people today. It is obvious that this man doesn’t realize what life is all about. Have you ever seen the bumper sticker when you die the one with the most toys wins? That is proof that a lot of people don’t realize what life is all about. Can you guarantee me that you will be here next year? This man says I will go and make money and one year from now. You and I cannot make promises like that. You and I are one day closer to death than we were yesterday. That is the reason because we are saved we better take every opportunity to do what we ought to do. Is there unconfessed sin in your life? Better confess it today and get it out of the way. You may not have an opportunity to do that tomorrow. Is there someone who you aren’t talking to? You better get that taken care of today while you have time. You may not have that opportunity tomorrow. Do you know Jesus as your Savior? If not , better take care of that today while you still have the opportunity. Can you guarantee me you will have an opportunity to come to Jesus next Sunday or even tomorrow? No you cannot, that is why do each day the Lord’s will for tomorrow you may not have.

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