Summary: The Return of Jesus Christ

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1st Thess 4:13-18

1st John 2:28

One beautiful Sunday Morning, as

people were filling up the church to its

fullest capacity.

they entered into the church, and they were

each given a bulletin filled with today’s

announcements, the topic of today’s sermon

The songs they were gonna sing, and who

to pray for and so forth.

At the end of the line was an older man

his clothes were dirty and torn and you

could tell that he hadn’t taken a bath for

a while.

His hair was long and so were his whiskers

When he made it to the usher, he took off

his old ball cap out of respect.

He didn’t have on any shoes just dirty

black socks.

The usher took his nose and stared at

the old guy and he said, Sir I’m sorry

but I’m afraid that we can’t let you in here

today, You’ll distract the congregation

and we don’t allow anyone to disrupt our

service, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave.

The old man looked down at himself and

puzzled he put back on his dirty ole ball cap

and turned to leave.

He was so sad cause he loved to hear the choir

sing God’s praises.

And he just loved to watch the little children

get up in front of the church and sing

their little songs.

He carried in his pocket a small worn out Bible

and was always in hopes that the pastor would

speak on something he had already underlined.

He had respect though and didn’t want to cause

any commotion.

So he hung his head down and walked back

down the steps of the big church.

He sat down on the steps near the edge of

the church yard, and strained to try to hear

through the closed windows and doors, the

singing that was going on inside the church.

Oh how He wished he could be there inside

with the others.

A few minutes passed by and a younger man

came up and sat down beside him.

He asked the old man what he was doing,

And the old guy said I was gonna go to

church today but they thought I was filthy

and my clothes are old and worn and they

were afraid I would disrupt their service.

The old guy said I’m sorry my name is George.

The two guys shook hands and George couldn’t

help but notice that the younger man had long

hair like his.

He wore a piece of cloth that was draped over

his body tied with a royal purple sash.

He had sandals on his feet and they were

covered with dust and dirt.

The stranger said Hey my friend don’t feel bad

because they wouldn’t let you in.

My name is Jesus and I’ve been trying to get

in for years, and they won’t let me in either.

Way to often we have allowed our churches

to become just another elite club in our town’s!

and it has all the rights of a church but We

have completely lost sight of the purpose

for its existence!!!

People it is possible for us to get to busy

with Churchy stuff that we forget our

main focus.

Which is to exalt the precious name of

our Savior Jesus Christ!!!!



People Jesus is coming back again

And We will all bow and confess that

He is Lord.

There are millions that accept this truth

because, they have the faith to believe it!!

But there’s few that will allow the Lord to

Change their lives!

How many people do you know that

accept the Lord and then turn around and

begin to serve the devil again???

Could this be the strangest fact in history??

How would you adjust your life if you knew

That Jesus was gonna come back today??

Would you suddenly try to have an active

prayer life and a personal relationship

with The Father???

And I’m sure that if you knew He was coming

back today you certainly would try,

But some people don’t believe that He

would actually forgive you and accept

you into the Kingdom at the last minute,

But I think that He would if you sincerely

meant what you were asking for, that He would

accept you with open arms!!!!

Just like the parable in St. Luke, about the

lost son.

He asked for his inheritance!

Just like us sinners do!!!

He went into the far country, and wasted it away.

Just like Christians when they backslide!!

But our Father accepts them back into the

Kingdom with open arms!!!

Just as He did the prodigal son!!!!

Now I ain’t talking about once in grace

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