Summary: Part 1 of 4 We have leaned well how to Lean Against God. But we hestitate to Lean on Him. Stewardship is the principle of Learning To Lean on God!

Learning to Lean - Part 1 - What is a Steward?

Text: Luke 12:42-43


This morning I would like to begin a series on Stewardship. Over the past couple of months I have been talking to you about the things that you are

leaning on. Specifically are we leaning on God?

And if we are, to what degree? If God were removed from our life would we fall over, or would we have some empty holes in our schedule and routine that we would need to fill with other social activities. This series on stewardship is going to be based upon this premise. So the title of the series is “Learning to Lean”

Many times I will open with a funny story I have recently heard, this morning I would like to share one with you I ran across.


A violinist noticed that his playing had a hypnotic effect on his audiences. They sat motionless, as though they were in a trance. He found he had the same effect on his friends’ pets. Dogs and cats would sit spellbound while he played. Wondering if he could cast the same spell over wild beasts, he went to a jungle clearing in Africa, took out his violin and began to play. A lion, an elephant, and a gorilla charged into the clearing, stopped to listen, and sat mesmerized by the music. Soon the clearing was filled with every kind of ferocious animal, each one listening intently. Suddenly another lion charged out of the jungle, pounced on the violinist, and killed him instantly. The first lion, bewildered, asked, "Why did you do that?" the second lion cupped his paw behind his ear. "What, I have a bad cold and am having a hard time hearing?"

I told you that the title of the series is Stewardship…Learning to Lean. Specifically the title of my message this morning is “What is a Steward?” When it comes to stewardship within the church many people mentally scram, because they say, “Oh the preacher is going to talk about the money.” The giving of our Tithes and Offerings are a by product of a heart that has been radically changed by God, and a life that is Trusting in Him to provide. This morning I want to talk about that Heart Change. For us to embrace the concept of stewardship we must be fully Leaning On God.

Lets first begin with an definition of Stewardship…I would hate to spend a month on something and not first give a definition. If we are a steward we that means that we are a manager as opposed to an owner.In basics…Everything that we own, everything that we are, everything that we accomplish belongs to God.

This changes completely how we look at our life, because as a steward we are going to have to give an account for how we have managed God’s property.

This concept of stewardship should radically change us once we grasp onto it. This change should come about through two avenues

1) We are not to worry about the business

Matt 6:33

The difference between an owner and an employee is that at the end of the day the employee can go home, put his head on his pillow and say…tommorow.

An Owner of a business goes home and has to evaluate what has been accomplished today, and what needs to be accomplished before the employees come tommorow.Once we grasp the concept that we are but stewards of this life God has given, we begin to realize that God is there making the tough decisions of provision for us.

One way or another he will provide. Proverbs 16:9 Proverbs 20:24 Now just as an employee…we need to get up and go to work each day.

But the Lord relieves us

NOTE::: It is a tremendous place to be. Similar to the submission that Christ asks wives to give towards their husbands. As head of the household. I do not see why the wives of solid Christian Men take issue with the area of submission. What a tremendous place to be. To be able to operate under someone else’s authority and covering.

This is the place that God has for us.

He is responsible for Liability and Supply…we are responsible to work under his covering.

2) When the Store Closes the books must balance

The second principle of the Steward is that the books must balance when the store closes.


How many have ever run a cash register in your life?

Were you responsible for the drawer to reconcile with the receipts for the day? If they did not…what happened? Many times you may have had to come up with it out of your own pocket. Being a steward of God is similar to this. There is a day when the store is going to close, and the books are going to be tallied.

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