3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: How we are to Grow in Grace and knowledge.

Intro: This being designated the Year of growth at 2nd Baptist LaPorte, you may have asked yourself What Growth is, how are we as Christians, supposed to be growing.

Core: Believers are to grow, churches are to grow, what are we told about growth in God’s word.

Body I. 2nd Peter 3:18 gave Believers an admonition about Growing.

A.Grow in Grace.

1.Grace is probably the most meaningful word in man’s language.

2.In God’s word grace has even a greater meaning.

B.To Mankind grace is seen in three meanings:

1.Grace is that quality within a thing or person that is beautifuland joyful.

2.Grace is anything that is lovely.

3.Grace is a gift, a favor that someone might extend to a friend, and is always done expecting nothing in return. The favor of a person is always done to a friend.

C.When the early Christian looked at Grace, they added a much deeper, a much richer meaning to the word Grace

1. God had saved sinners, those who acted against Him.

2. Grace became within the very nature of God.

3. The kindness and Love that God freely gives to His enemy

II. Peter admonishes us to Grow.

A.Not to try to grow but that we are to Grow.

1.The first admonishment is to Grow in Grace.

2.Understand Peter is not speaking of Saving Grace.

B.John 3:16 tells us God so Loved the world

1.Not the physical world.

2.But mankind.

3.Notice it uses the past tense Loved.

4.Meaning it is a proven fact.

C. God Loved mankind so much:

1.That He gave (Graciously Gave) His only Begotten Son for mankind’s salvation.

2.That is Salvation by God’s unmerited favor for all of mankind.

3.To Receive the effectiveness of that Gracious salvation one must “Only Believe’.

4.Believe what, That Jesus Christ was God’s Son and sent to die for your Sins and mine.

III. Peter says grow in Grace.

A.Grow in the effectiveness of God’s grace toward us as believers.

1. In 1st Corinthians 1: 4-9 Paul gives us a list of How God’s Grace Grows in our lives.

a. (v4) First it is by Jesus Christ that God’s Grace comes to all mankind.

b. (v5) Second we are enriched by him in all utterance and in all knowledge.

c. (v6) Third Christ Testimony is confirmed in you. (Your life is to show Christ.

d. (v7) Fourth The gifts of the Holy spirit are bestowed upon believers because of Grace.

e.(v8) Fifth We are confirmed at His coming and found blameless through His Grace.

f.(v9) Sixth God is faithful to us as we walk in fellowship in the Lord Jesus Christ Our Lord.

B. Peter is saying we are to Grow in all these aspects of God’s Grace.

1. It all comes because of God’s Love for us all.

2. It only takes Faith in Christ to gain Saving Grace and effectual Grace.

IV. Peter takes the admonition further, Grow in knowledge.

A.Knowledge of Jesus Christ, Peter says.

1.Labor to know Him more:



c.To know more of Christ.

d.And to know Him to a better purpose.

e.So you are more like Him.

f.And Love Him more.

B.Such a knowledge of Christ that:

1.Conforms us to Him.

a.Endears us to Him.

b.To preserve us form falling away from the Truth

2.Those who Grow in the Grace and Knowledge as Peter admonishes us to we’ll:

a.Give him Thanks

b.Praise Him More.

V.When you Grow in knowledge you are:

A.Growing Spiritual insight and perception.

1.Having more knowledge of Christ and the Father.

2.and of The Spiritual needs of mankind and his world. Because of Spiritual Truth.

B.Peter is admonishing us to Grow to attain this type of knowledge.

1.Growing in your walk with Christ.

2.Studying to gain knowledge of Him.

VI.When you begin to Grow as Peter has admonished us to you will begin to;

A.Understand the God of Love.

1.That salvation was provided for all.

2.Not just the religious.

3.Not just for those who live a good life.

4.Not just those who love Him.

5.He Loves everyone even the unlovely and unloving.

6.The unbelieving and the obstinate.

7.The selfish and greedy.

8.The Spiteful and vengeful.

B.And as you gain His Grace & knowledge you should realize that you too should Love everyone:

1.as He Loves them.

2.Love your enemy as you love yourself.

C.As you Love as He Loves you will understand

1.Love does not sit still.

2.Love does not do nothing.

3.It is not dormant or complacent.

4.It is not inactive.

D.If His love exist in your life it Should express itself:

1.As He expressed His Love to mankind.

2.And as He expressed His love to you.

E.God Demonstrated His Love in the most perfect way Possible:

1.He Gave His Son for all mankind.

2.As God is perfect so is Christ Perfect.

3.Which means His love is Perfect.

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