Summary: God is and always has been the initiator of our contact with Him.

Theme: Priority One in our worship

Thesis: Are we seeking first things first?

Title: What is Enough?

Text: Luke 24: 13-35

Intro illus. Hot Wheels super charger energizes, zips them around the circle again.

Twice / yr Christmas, Easter

Once / mo Communion

Once / wk Church attendance, Sunday school

Once / day Personal time in the Word

If not Every hr Demands of life will drive me crazy

Spiritual highs last about 5 seconds and there gone!

We no sooner leave the building starter on the car attitude gone

dinner logistics distracted

old argument battling again

It may start before you are out of this building!

WHAT IS ENOUGH? to keep me focused to keep me super-charged

Read Luke 24: 13-35

Setting "same day" Easter Fri - Christ hung on a tree

Dead people walking around

Veil torn in two

Darkness in midday

Sat - More confusion, hopelessness

Sun - Women can’t find body

" saw angels

Don’t know what to make of the whole thing, but know they have to get back to Emmaus.

What is it about the Christian experience that can keep us charged up?

I. vs.17 Sharing and talking about Jesus isn’t enough

Sharing is good.

Modern psychologists will tell you that

It is good to dump on one another

Continue to share your problems

Continue to share about Jesus

But it isn’t enough.

If it was, then the fullness of the Christian experience could be found in the breakrooms of your place of work, or your bridge club, or behind any closed door.

I can turn on the TV on a Sunday morning and hear a lot of talk about Jesus, but talking about Him isn’t enough!

II. vs.25-27 Hearing and reading about Him isn’t enough

They heard the Word

Not only the Word but all of it

And not just all of it, but a commentary on it

And not just a commentary on it but by the Commentator, the Author

What a Bible study

But you know what? It wasn’t enough

The Word should be treasured and hid in your heart

And we should be diligent in its study because it is convicting, powerful, healing, and comforting - But it isn’t enough

illus. John 5:37-40

To the Pharisees Knew Scriptures

Emphasize "me"

These Pharisees were still far from Him

The Word is indispensable, but if the Word was enough, it would not have had to become flesh!

Reading about it isn’t enough

III. vs.28-30

Even activities aren’t enough. Some argue what is going on here dinner vs. communion

Gospel written about 60 A.D.

Documents of early church indicate that they would take bread, give thanks, break it and give it.

So were they having communion? or worship?

Whatever it was, it was: worshipping with Christ

experiencing Christ in worship

Note the prerequisites to worship

vs.32 "burned within us" moved by the Word

vs.29 "stay with us" called out to Him and His presence

vs.30 broke bread Communed with Him

But you know what?

Showing up at prescribed worship events is not enough

Review You can share about your troubles

You can talk about Jesus

You can hear what the Bible has to say

And you can sit in those seats every Sunday

But it’s still not going to be enough to keep you super-charged!

Aside The value of worship is special to me - maybe more to me than you

Look at vs.31

Clearly something happened here in the text as it has in the context of corporate worship here this morning

God reveals Himself in corporate worship

illus. I’ve often asked myself "What can I do to make the worship experience come alive?"

Hymns Choruses Slides Music

Extended prayer padded chairs massive organ

Siskel & Ebert kind of worship mentality

legal pad liked that one

not that one

that tie


We are quick to put the blame on someone or something if our button isn’t pushed.

And what about those guys we pay?

Why can’t they put together a service that I like?

Instead we should expect to encounter Christ

If we are expecting to encounter Christ, He will meet us.

" it would hardly matter what was going on up here

Look at our text!

a couple of guys

sack lunch


no music

no multimedia presentation

But Christ was there and it was consuming

But you know what? It still wasn’t enough

So what is enough?

IV. vs. 31 "Their eyes were opened"

They shared yes

They heard yes

They showed up yes

They said "God come" yes

This is all well and good

But it is God’s initiative that makes the difference

He reveals Himself to us

vs.16 "they were kept" Jesus is in control of this encounter

Sometimes we forget that

We think If I can find someone to confide in

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