Summary: As we look into the Historic/Prophetic book of Daniel, God is speaking. There are relevant messages to us today from this wonderful book in the Bible. Let’s look at "What God Is Saying?"

Daniel Chapter 3

Open: We are continuing the theme "What is God Saying?" As we look into this third chapter of the book of Daniel, let’s remember the words of Christ, "He who has ears, let him hear." As God speaks today through His servant, don’t listen as a husband listens to his wife during the football game. Let’s not just listen, LET’S HEAR!



1. "Men of the world will go from worshiping Me to the foolishness of the world." v1-7"

a) It appeared at the closing of Daniel 2 that the king had accepted Jehovah as his God, but we clearly see here that he hasn’t. He goes back to the ways of a foolish man.

b) Proverbs 26:11 As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.

c) So many people profess to believe in God, but make no real commitment to Him. There is a difference in believing with one’s mind and believing with one’s heart.

d) The fool (lost person) is lukewarm. He wants to worship God but live in the foolishness of sin.

Revelation 3:16 says, "So because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold - I am about to spit you out of my mouth."

e) God is saying, "Either I am your God or I’m not."


2. "When you take a stand for Me, Satan will begin to attack you, but don’t give up." v 8-12

a) These three young men were about to be attacked by jealous men who didn’t like the fact that the king had placed these Isrealite boys in position.

b) Satan will try his best to defeat God’s children who take a stand. We’ve often heard it said, "If satan isn’t attacking you then he isn’t intimidated by what you are doing for God."

c) I have never been physically attacked, but people attack my character (my past). People attack my methods of ministry. I’ve had church members attack my preaching. You may not be outwardly attacked, but satan will attack you mentally. He will do anyting to get you to quit! God is saying, "Don’t quit!"

d) In America today we aren’t attacked as Christians physically, but the church is being attacked politically. Some of our rights have been taken away. PRAYER for one. The church has taken a stand on sinful issues, so satan begins to attack.

d) God is saying, "Don’t give up one Me! Don’t give up on the church. I will bring you all through whatever satan can through your way!"


3. "Men of the world will be on your side today and throwing you in the furnace tomorrow" v13-15

a) Daniel 1:18-20 It appears that these guys had the king on their team. God is saying to us, "Don’t depend on the compliments or acceptance of men. They will pat you on the back today and turn on you the next.

b) Believers can get caught up in what people think of us. Being accepted by the in crowd. Being the most popular in the little league clique. God is telling us that these people are mortal. We need only to worry about what God thinks of us.

c) The fellowship of the church is so important. It is very obvious that there are people in the church that are hard to deal with. (There are wolves in every church) But the reality is that christians stick together. We help each other. We love each other.

d) "Do you have to go to church to be saved?" No, but who are you leaning on? Why wouldn’t you want to be with God’s people? Why wouldn’t want to be lifted up by other believers?


4. "I will give you boldness if you want it." v16-18

a) God is looking for people who will be bold enough to stand up for Him. He will give boldness to those who really want it.

b) These boys weren’t talking to the troop leader of the boy scouts. They were talking TO THE KING.


5. "Don’t worry about the furnace. I’ll be there with you" v 19-25

a) It’s easy to be a believer when all is well, but how will we trust God when the heat is on.

b) So many of us do fine until we hit a little bump in the road. Then it’s, "Oh woah is me!! What am I going to do?"

c) There are times of testing in our lives and we fail so miserably some times. God is telling us, "Don’t worry about the tough times. I’m there with you."

d) When the rubber meets the road is when we find out who we really are in Christ. Testing isn’t for God to find out where we are. He knows us and our hearts. Testing is FOR US to realize WHERE WE ARE. In testing we realize that we are playing games and it’s time to get down to business with God.

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