Summary: In the message this morning, I will try to answer one of life’s most important questions. What is life or what is this life all about? I am sure most of us at some time have asked ourselves questions such as, why was I born? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Is this all there is to life?

I. Definition of Life

1. The dictionary says:

a. Life is the union of soul and body. That's not 100% true because the word of God says man is made up of body, soul, and spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:23; Hebrews 4:12

b. Life is the period between birth and death. This is not true. The Bible teaches that there is life before physical birth and there is life after physical death. Psalm 139:13-16; Hebrews 9:27

2. In trying to define life, let’s look and see what the Bible says. The Bible speaks of three different types of life.

a. Physical life which was given to man at the time of creation. Genesis 2:7

b. Spiritual life is the new life that God gives to the believer in Jesus Christ at the time of salvation. Ephesians 2:1; 2 Corinthians 5:17

c. Eternal life is both a length of life and quality of life. This is the nature and characteristic of the Lord God.

II. Descriptions of Life

1. How can we describe this life?

2. What does the word of God liken this life to?

3. Genesis 47:9; life is a journey from earth to eternity.

a. We are travelling on this journey whether we like it or not. Birth is an automatic start. Psalm 119:19; 1 Peter 2:11.

b. For some it is a long, long journey, to others it is noticeably short.

4. Psalm 73:20; life is like a dream.

a. How long is a dream?

b. Only a few seconds.

5. Ecclesiastes 6:12; life is like a shadow.

a. a shadow is such a poor imitation of the real thing.

b. You cannot recognize a person by his shadow, shadows are deceiving.

6. James 4:14; life is like a vapor.

a. Life on earth is like a Bud that will open and develop in eternity.

7. Psalm 90:9; life is like a tale that's been told.

8. 2 Samuel 14:14; life is like water spilt on the ground.

a. In a moment, the earth absorbs the moisture, and it disappears.

b. No way to regather our life.

9. job 14:1-2; life is like a flower.

a. 1st, we see the blade, then leaves, then the bud slowly opens, and we grasp at its beauty.

b. At the end it withers and is gone.

III. Duration of Life

1. How long is life?

2. There is no guarantee with this life. Proverbs 27:1. You have no promise of a tomorrow.

3. Hebrews 9:27; God has an appointed time for my life to end. Job 7:1

4. yes, there has been some averages in Bible times:

a. before the flood; Genesis 5; 846 years

b. After the flood; Genesis 11; 393 years

c. In Moses time and ours; Psalm 90:10; 70 years

5. Only God knows the number of our days on this earth.

IV. Deceptions About this Life

1. What is the real purpose in this life?

2. Many people are deceived as to what this life is really all about.

a. Many think this life is just things.

b. Its seen in their priorities of life. what comes first.

c. Some were like that in Jesus’ time. Listen to what he says, Luke 12:15-22; Mark 8:36; Matthew 6:25-33.

3. At times Christians get sidetracked as to what is real in this life. John 6:60-69

4. Paul stated the real purpose of this life. Philippians 1:21; Colossians 3:17

a. Real life is to know Jesus and bring glory and honor to him.

V. Deceased

1. What happens when physical death comes to the physical life.

2. In Hebrews 9:27; to die once is something we all must do. We all accept this.

3. It helps to have a proper bible understanding of the word death. Death always means separation.

a. Physical death is separation of body and soul. Ecclesiastes 12:7

b. Spiritual death known as the second death is when the soul and the spirit are separated from God for all eternity in Hell. 2 Thessalonians 1:9; Ephesians 4:18

4. Physical death for the Christian is described as:

a. Sleep. John 11:11; 1 Thessalonians 4:14

b. As putting off this earthly house. 2 Corinthians 5:1; 2 Peter 1:14

5. In closing, consider what I have said this morning.

a. Life is at best, very brief. Uncertain.

b. Don’t be deceived this morning as to what is real. What is important in this life? Luke 16.

c. When death comes and if you know Jesus as your Savior. New life is just begun!

6. I want to close with a true story made possible by Billy Graham.

Mr. Graham said before President Eisenhower died, he was called to Walter Reed hospital. He said when he walked in the room, Ike was on the side of the bed with a big smile. He knew and Mr. Graham knew he did not have long to live, and while sitting there on the side of the bed the president looked at Mr. Graham and said Billy, I want you to tell me once again how I can be sure my sins are forgiven. I want to know that I'm going to heaven because nothing else matters now. Mr. Graham said I told President Eisenhower, Sir, no man goes to heaven because of his good works, no man goes to heaven because he belongs to a church. The only way that you can know that you are going to heaven is of what Jesus did for you on the cross. He said he and the president bowed their heads and the general gripped his hand and said thank you I am ready now.

7. Are you ready now? Do you know if you died today you would go to Heaven? Do you know that you are saved?

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