Summary: Peter, and many others, got something down deep inside of them that day and never stopped talking about Pentecost the rest of their lives.

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Text: Acts 2:1 thru 4

There is much to learn from the story of the Day of Pentecost, but I am impressed to speak today about it’s importance.

In scanning over verses 5 thru 11, we can see there were many different languages spoken as a result of Pentecost. The people gathered there were from all over the world. Many nationalities, cultures and dialects. This should remind us that what happened on this historical day, is for everyone and not just for folks from a particular denomination.

Let us read on in verses 12 thru 14 to find why Pentecost is so important.

At this point in Peter’s life, Peter began to preach Pentecost to the people gathered in the “upper room” there in Jerusalem. And from that day forward, Peter lived and spoke of the Day of Pentecost for the rest of his earthly life.

We should know that other than the message of salvation to sinners, the preaching of Pentecost is (no doubt) one of the most important message to ever be preached. As in verse 14, let us “heed the words” of Peter and the Word of God.

When someone has truly experienced Pentecost, that someone will preach Pentecost for the rest of their lives. And I believe that the Apostle Peter did just that. Peter, and many other people, got something down deep inside that day and never stopped talking about Pentecost the rest of their lives.

Have you ever met someone who seems to always talk about the same thing every time you them? They say,

“well…I can remember the time when…well I’ll never forget…”

They are always talking about how they remember a famous person, or a favorite person, or a particular event in their lives that no one else seems to care about. You know them when you see them.

Peter was that way about Pentecost. He could never forget or stop talking what happened that day in the upper room in Jerusalem. You see there are some people whom God has really gotten a hold of and changed the way they talk, the way they act, and the way they think.

I believe this is what happened to Peter and the other believers that day.

And this is what needs to happen to believers living today!

All men and women, all boys and girls must know what the Lord has done for (and to) His people and never forget it.

We must ask ourselves today,

“What is Pentecost?” More specifically,

“Why is experiencing the Holy Spirit so important?”

My friend, Pentecost is meaningless to anyone without the Holy Spirit filling us.

Unfortunately, many have misunderstood the Holy Spirit and what Pentecost is.

Many only look upon the Holy Spirit as -

· The mystical part of God –

· Only pertains to God in heaven, and not man on earth.

Many think that man is too small to ever understand the God of this Universe. Many are indifferent to the deeper things of God. Many only respect God, but few know Him. That is the reason for the Holy Spirit and Pentecost. The Holy Spirit came to man on Pentecost for a very good reason. So that man would know Christ – the Savior of the world!

Man must know that God is in three persons. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God cannot be ignored for any of His attributes.

We cannot ignore the purpose of God.

He is the Creator. He is the Savior.

And, He is the Comforter.

What we are talking about is not just doctrine or dogma or opinion or belief.

Pentecost is not –

· A style of worship.

· A special day in church history.

Pentecost is –

· (Part of) the purpose for this church.

· The means of seeing all sinners come to finding Christ as their personal Savior.

· The direct result of what the Holy Spirit is doing and has done.

· (Many times) controversial.

We have to accept this in our own life. As long as you are attending a church that believes in Pentecost and the moving power of the Holy Spirit, you will be part of that controversy.

Can you live with knowing that?

Pentecost has always been that way and always will be until Jesus comes.

Let me show you what I mean by looking at what else happened in Acts 2.

Peter had just finished preaching to the people with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Read verse 37.

There is obviously something unsettling about Pentecost. People are challenged by Pentecost. The unsaved are often moved with conviction of their sins. They said to one another, “What shall we do?”

Pentecost will do that to people. This is what we should see in every one of our worship services here. We should always be so moved by the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit that we turn and ask one another,

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