Summary: A message preached on Pentecost Sunday answering an all to familiar question.

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What Is Pentecost?


Praise the Lord!

How many came in here to have church this


I ain’t talking about playing church! Amen?

I said how many came to have some church?

How many came to

How many came to bless the Lord with all your


I don’t know about you but I came to cut loose in

the House of God today. Amen?

And I didn’t come expecting to do it all by myself.

You say well Pastor you gonna have to do it all by


Cause we’re to dignified for all of that Pentecostal

style worship!

We’re to dignified for all of that jumping and

shouting and running and dancing.

Well I stand here to tell you this morning I’m

gonna do it anyway!

And I aint gonna do it all by myself neither,

Cause the Bible says if you won’t praise Him the

rocks will cry out!

If you won’t shout the spirit just might shout out

in an unknown tongue. Amen?

And if you won’t run and dance I’ll start running

and dancing and the Bible says

God has given us the paraclete!

That is the Holy Ghost!

That means one who comes along side!

And He’s liable to come along side of me this

morning and start dancing with me,

And Shouting With me, And running with me.

The Lord has showed me that there’s someone in

here this morning who’s said in their heart

That you ain’t got to do all of that to be christian.

Well That’s true!

You ain’t got to do all of that!

You ain’t got to shout His Glory!

You ain’t got to jump for joy.

You ain’t got to stomp and snort and preach until

you’re blue in the face.....

But you ain’t got to get what I got neither. Amen?

I said you might not have to act a fool for Jesus,

You might not have walk the isle like one of us

Holy Rollers,

But you ain’t got to walk in the divine favor of the

Lord neither.

You ain’t got to operate under a powerful

anointing neither. AMen?

There’s a doctrine that’s been in effect since the

dawn of creation.

And that is you reap what you sow. Amen?

Some say you get what you put in.

Well I want to invest my very best into the

Kingdom of God,

So I can reap the very best from the Kingdom of

God. Amen?

I want all that God has promised me. etc.

Not long ago I laid prostrate on the floor and said

Lord I know it ain’t much but I’ll give you my

utmost for your highest.

I’ll give you the very best of what I have.

Cause I know when I sow into your kingdom my

reward is Exceeding abundantly above all that I

could ever think or ask. Amen?

So I tell you today you ain’t got to go all out for


But when the going gets tough don’t expect Him

to go all out for you. Amen?


How many came to celebrate today?

How many know what important Holy day we

celebrate today?

Today we celebrate Pentecost. Amen?

How many Pentecostals Christians do we have in

here this morning?

Every single one of you standing or sitting in this

church to day that have been blood bought and

spirit filled are pentecostal.

Some of you are saying no Pastor I was raised

Baptist, or Lutheran.

Well that’s all good but the Church as a whole

was born on the day of Pentecost.

So I guess that means in layman’s terms that we

all got a little Pentecostal in us. Amen?

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