Summary: What Is Really Going On? Jeremiah 7: 30-34 Intro Earlier this week, the eyes and ears of this nation were focused on Orange County, FL, anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial. Some of us have closely followed the case since its beg

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) I am reminded of a faithless nation that ritually killed their children and the Lord’s judgment upon them. The passage is Jeremiah 7: 30-34.


I. “The children of Judah”

a. Judah means “praise”

i. Judah’s purpose for existence was to give glory and praise to God

ii. The nation should never have allowed the influence of paganism to distract them from glorifying the Lord

II. “Have done evil in my sight”

a. Judah committed heinous sins in God’s sight without fear of reprisal

b. We must remember that everything we do is within the Lord’s sights, nothing escapes His notice

i. No evil will escape his judgment

**The evil done to Caylee Anthony will be avenged, if not in man’s court, then in a much higher one where the verdict is just and final

III. “They have built high places of Tophet”

a. Judah erected altars to pagan gods just outside the city limits of Jerusalem

b. It was here that they would sacrifice their children in pagan worship

c. It is said that the place is called Tophet because the people would sing and dance and play tambourines to prevent the parents from hearing the cries of their children as they burned alive

i. Smokescreens and mirrors of distractions to detract from what was really going on

ii. In the singing and dancing, the voices of the innocent victims were drowned

**The voice of little Caylee was drowned out by the confusing testimonies and sideshows of the trial

IV. “Which is in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom”

a. The children of Judah left the Jerusalem, the holy city exalted on the mountain, to go down into the valley to engage in depraved worship

i. They turned their back on God to commit detestable sins

b. Hinnom in its Latin form is translated Gehenna, more commonly known as Hell

i. Other translations render this place as “the mouth of Hell”

ii. They worshipped their pagan gods in the mouth of Hell – they essentially became Devil worshippers

V. “To burn their sons and their daughters in the fire”

a. This practice started with the pagan people of Canaan

i. They offered their firstborn children to Molech by heating the image (part man, part bull) to furnace temperatures and then thrusting their children into the outstretched arms of the ghastly image

b. When Judah abandoned God they developed the wicked customs of the nations around them, including that of burning their children alive

i. Motives were selfish (Casey - not wanting to be tied down by motherhood, wanting to live single lifestyle of partying)

• They sought favor or approval from gods that were of no benefit to them

• They reveled in the lifestyle that paganism afforded them

ii. Devoid of natural affection (Casey – no loving and affectionate mother would ever allow her child to be missing for 30 days before reporting it, repeatedly lie about events leading up to disappearance, fabricate erroneous tales explaining the child’s death)

• What kind of parent could willingly kill their own child and allow them to die such a torturous death

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