Summary: It is a good thing to have something in hand that may bring glory to God.



Exodus 4:2 Moses --- Rod

Hand 3027 --- a hand (the open one [indicating power, means, direction, etc.]) Zodhiates

Rod 4294 --- a branch, a rod, whether for chastising (correction), ruling (a sceptre), throwing (a lance), or walking (a staff, fig. a support of life) Zodhiates

A rod was a length of tree limb or bush stock, employed at first for support or weapon.

For David it was a symbol of divine guidance and care: "Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me."

The rod also became the symbol of authority and rule prevalent in Bible use. "Moses took the rod of God" and he and Aaron wrought numerous miracles with rods. "The rod of discipline" was for child, son, fool, and for slave. The rod as a symbol of God's anger and chastisement occurs in numerous passages. The rod was used in counting sheep, and symbolically in numbering God's chosen. Finally, the rod was used for measuring, as the New Jerusalem. Zondervan pg 132


It is a good thing to have something in hand that may bring glory to God. The thing itself may seem small and useless for the great end; but He can make it mighty to the pulling down of the strongholds of Satan. Every lawful thing that's in your hand may become a conquering weapon for God. Smith & Lee Handfuls on Purpose V. 248

A. Judges 7:16 Gideon --- Trumpets, Pitchers

And he divided the three hundred men into three companies, and he put a trumpet in every man's hand, with empty pitchers, and lamps within the pitchers.

Three ways Gideon contrived to strike a terror upon this army, and so put them into confusion. (M. H. pg 168)

1. With a great noise.

Every man must blow his trumpet in the most terrible manner he could and clatter an earthen pitcher to pieces at the same time. They were broken together which would not only make a great crash, but was a figure of what would be the effects of fright, even the Midianites killing one another.

2. With a great blaze.

The lighted torches were hid in the pitchers, like a candle under a bushel, until they came to the camp, and then, being taken out of all together of a sudden, would make a glaring show, and run through the camp like a flash of lightning. Perhaps with these they set some of the tents on fire, which would very much increase the confusion.

3. With a great shout.

Every man must cry, The sword of the Lord and of Gideon. The sword of the Lord is all in all to the success of the sword of Gideon, yet the sword of Gideon must be employed. Men the instruments, and God the principal agent, must both be considered in their places, but men, the greatest and best, always in subserviency and subordination to God.

B. Judges 15:15 Samson --- Jaw bone

And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith.

Not with a lion's jaw which would illustrate power to crush and kill, but with a donkey's jawbone which illustrates weakness in the tool itself which crush only grain and grass.

C. I Sam 17:40 David --- Sling--- v. 57 Giant's Head

And he took his staff in his hand, and chose him five smooth stones out of the brook, and put them in a shepherd's bag which he had, even in a scrip; and his sling was in his hand: and he drew near to the Philistine.

D. Judges 4:8-9, 21 ; 5:26-27 Jael, Heber's wife --- Hammer


The enemy falls at the hand of a woman.

E. Nehemiah 4:16-17 --- Work (Trowel) & Weapon (Sword)

Building requires working and fighting, watching and laboring.

Ephesians 6:16-17 --- Shield & Sword

F. Genesis 22:6 Abraham --- Fire & Knife

And Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering, and laid it upon Isaac his son; and he took the fire in his hand, and a knife; and they went both of them together.

He who is to be the father of the faithful has to face the father of all the trials of faith.

1. There is something awfully solemn about this. "Our God

is a consuming fire" (Heb.12:29). "Who shall dwell with devouring fire?" (Isa. 33:14) Does not this suggest the holy, testing, consuming character of God when approaching the altar of expiation?

Isa 6:6 Angel --- Coals of Fire

Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his

hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar:

2. If fire represents the holiness of God, then the knife

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