"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: Challenges the Christians to look at his/her "cup" and prepare to drink it ALL.

What is the Christian’s Cup?

Matthew 26:36-42

August 22, 2004

Parkersburg Baptist Church

What was this cup that Jesus talked about with His Father?

It was a cup that contained all the sin of the world.

It was a cup that contained the rejection of His Father.

It was a cup that contained a horrific amount of pain.

It was a cup that contained a vicarious death on the cross of Calvary.

Did Christ drink His cup?

OF course He did—and He did so lovingly for US.

What did He give up to come and drink this cup?

He gave up His home in heaven.

He gave up His glorified body.

He became clothed in a fleshly body. The creator became just like the created.

HE gave up continual worship for scorn and rejection.

God the Son put God the Father’s WILL ahead of His own—HE submitted wholly to God.

He accepted the humiliation of coming to this earth and He drank a bitter, bitter cup for us because He loved us.

IF Jesus had a cup to drink, would it not stand to reason that we may have a cup to drink?

What is the Christians cup? (READ I Thes. 4:1-12

Giving up old habits

Serving others (giving of self)

Putting aside differences

Following Jesus Christ’s example

Fellowshipping with other believers

Church attendance (Hebrews 10:25)

Reading and Studying God’s Word (2 Tim 2:15)

Sacrificing your wants and desires for the desires and wants of Christ

Prayer and fellowship with God

Going and telling others about Jesus

Striving to be Christlike

Submitting wholly to God—Putting Him First in everything.

You know what the sad thing about all this is. Even though it is a difficult life…being a Christian is not easy,

We claim to be such great Christians, we claim that we ALWAYS put Christ first in everything that we do

We claim that our motives are always pure and true.

WE claim to be so in tune with God and His will,

WE claim to be spiritual powerhouses for the Lord,

WE claim to do no wrong. I am Christian—I have the saving blood of Christ in my heart and soul.

We claim this yet we continue in the same sins we always have

Bad thoughts towards another, a little gossip here and a little gossip there. No one will know.

WE claim, WE claim, WE claim.

The sad thing is, we are not willing to Drink all of the cup.

Oh preacher, I am drinking the cup that Jesus has handed to me.

I really hope that you are. I hope that you do drink ALL of it.

But I am awful afraid, that we hold the cup to our lips, pretending to drink.

It’s like the child getting ready to drink something that doesn’t taste good, and yet mom or dad is their to force them too,

They will hold the cup to their lips pretending to drink, but not taking anything in.

Are we pretending to drink the cup of a Christian this morning or are we really drinking it all in.?

Are we drinking it down, and taking the trials and tribulation that comes with it?

Are we drinking it down and making the self sacrifice that we should be making?

Are we drinking it down and doing all that we can for Christ.

Are we drinking it down, and putting aside our own doubts and fears and reaching out to others in the name of Jesus Christ.

Jesus drank all of the cup that the Father handed Him.

Why can’t we drink ours?

WE can begin a commitment today—to drink all of the cup. Can we be like Job and say “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him;” Job 13:!5a

Do you know the rewards of drinking the whole cup?

Victory, crowns to throw at the feet of Jesus in Glory

A Mansion built by the hands of God’s Son

And most of all the pleasure of hearing these words “Well done my good and faithful servant.” From the mouth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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