Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: While all believers are called to discipleship, Jesus shows that many are not willing to pay the price.

ILLUSTRATION: Discipleship

Two longstanding church members were in a boat fishing with a new Christian. Passing the time, each was talking about his fervent faith and devotion to God. As they were discussing their faith, one’s hat blew into the water.

So he stood up, calmly stepped onto the water, walked over to his hat, picked it up, brushed off the water, and walked backed to the boat. The new Christian was amazed how this Christian could seemingly walk on water. As the new Christian was pondering this, the other church member’s hat blew into the water.

He also very calmly stepped onto the water, walked over to his hat, picked it up & brushed off the water, and walked backed to the boat. The new Christian was overwhelmed at how spiritual these men must be to have walked on the water as they did.

Knowing of his new found love for the Lord, he thought, "Well, if these guys can do it, so can I", and he "helped" his hat blow into the water. He very calmly stepped out of the boat and inhaled by water instantly. As he fought his way to the surface, gasping for breath, the two long-standing church members reached over to help him into the boat and turned to each other saying, "I think we should have told him about the sand bar on this side of the boat."

So many new Christians and excited Members make a decision for Christ and begin so strong for the Lord and his work. But then after awhile, this or this or this happens and they realize that this Christian walk or this Ministry or even lifestyle is not as easy as at first and you see them slowly disappear or their commitment begins to decay.

It’s as though they stepped out of the boat and were engulfed with satan’s hits and knocks and bruises. This morning I want to talk to you about The Cost of Discipleship. Our Text: Luke 14:25-35.


1. What IS Discipleship? (Dict.) “one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another” – “a devout devoted” - ‘follower’ as one who is ‘sold out to a cause’.

2. Are you Listening? Do you CARE what the Bible says regarding this hard subject?

Jesus said it best:

READ LUKE 14:35 ‘he who has ears to hear, let him hear’

This phrase is found many times when Jesus was teaching a difficult passage to understand. We don’t like being told what we can and can’t do – especially when it comes to being dependent on another. So Jesus says ‘are you listening?’ - Do you care?

Last Sunday night, you showed a tremendous desire to carry on in this church and its ministries. You spoke loudly and I was excited. The number that was here said volumes in itself but the comments made were ecstatic!

For the next few weeks, we are going to review the requirements necessary to go with one’s desire to serve in purpose. What goes with the DESIRE to Carry out the Purpose of the Church? Our series begins by reflecting on our individual relationship with Christ.

OUR TEXT: LUKE 14:25-35

Setting: Jesus was invited to the house of one of the prominent Pharisees for a meal. While the Pharisees were trying to catch Jesus contradicting the teaching of the LAW, the crowds were really interested in what He was saying. Jesus began teaching regarding Salvation & Discipleship.

Theme: I think it important to understand the THEME of this lesson from Jesus. Notice in V. 25a we are told that “large crowds” are following Jesus. Yet , while teaching the topic of “being a disciple”, three times Jesus states that one cannot be his disciple UNLESS he does certain things:

Vs. 26 ‘he cannot be my disciple’; Vs. 27 ‘cannot be my disciple’; Vs. 33 ‘cannot be my disciple’

This says 2 THINGS:

1. Walking with Jesus is NOT the Same as Salvation

It’s pretty obvious that while the crowds may have been believers (and even excited), they WERE NOT REALLY SOLD OUT. Why did Jesus go to such lengths to explain there were certain conditions to be met to be a disciple?

In John 6, Jesus was teaching a group (at least 72) of disciples what it meant to be a follower. Jesus had been teaching who He was and why He was sent, what it took to be saved, as well as the performing of many miracles including the feeding of the 5,000.

Notice what takes place. READ JOHN 6:60-66.

They all wanted to walk with Jesus. They even believed in His message. But they couldn’t handle the cost. Perhaps YOU TOO have been going to church regularly and even do all the things that Christians ought, but yet you too have never really accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior. You started believing but never really invited Jesus into your heart?

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