Summary: This passage inspires hope that a savior would come to save people from the destruction humans and humanity bring upon themselves.

The Junior Bible Quiz Sermon Series

What is the great prophecy in Isaiah chapter nine concerning Jesus' birth?

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Purpose: This passage inspires hope that a savior would come to save people from the destruction humans and humanity bring upon themselves.

How I would introduce: This election season takes place at a time when our world is involved in never ending military conflicts, refugee crises, hunger, domestic violence, and distrust in our leaders to solve the problems that confront mankind. The world yearns for someone who can inspire hope in the same way Isaiah yearned for a savior for mankind. Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would come. And, he did come. The true Hope remains, and will return once again. Jesus is the true Savior man longs for.

I. Jesus is the Wise Ruler

1. The Wonderful Counselor. He guides people with his Spirit to understand problems and to find solutions that benefit all. His Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Wisdom because he is the Wonderful Counselor. Jesus gives wisdom.

2. Biblical support: Do you lack wisdom? “Let him ask of God who gives it generously and without finding fault.” James 1:5

3. The point: It seems everyone has at least one opinion about what is wrong with the world and how to fix it. But, wisdom is rare. Jesus gives the Spirit of Wisdom to all who ask for it.

II. Jesus is Our Defender

1. Human governments often have attempted to turn people away from Jesus. The power of government comes from the power to compel people to conform. But, the power God gives causes people to be compelled by conviction regardless of the demands of human government. God gives the kind of peace that drives out fear, and without fear government cannot compel people to act.

2. Biblical support. Perfect peace drives out all fear. The Bible records several times when government has tried to compel people to obey them rather than God. Yet, the rulers could not compel people to act against God. He is our true defender and no government can overcome.

3. The point: When you are loyal to the Lord, the Lord becomes your defender. You have nothing to fear from human rulers.

III. Jesus is our guiding Father.

1. As in the Father of our movement. Jesus started this. He gave us our mission and a vision for what his followers would do in this world. We conform our lives to what he taught. We follow a path that he laid out. And our destiny is therefore with him.

2. Biblical support: “If I go to prepare a place for you, I will come back and get you so that where I am, there you will also be.”

3. The Point: Jesus began this movement and will see us through it all the way into his presence in a new world. Jesus guides us as a Father who is fully invested in his children. This is his movement, and his will to redeem this world.

IV. Jesus gives us Peace.

1. First, he brings us a peace that abides in the midst of the turmoil roiling around us. Then, he brings peace to people through his Holy Spirit. Eventually, he will bring to a close this world of conflict. Then, he will restore humanity to the peace he intended in the beginning.

2. Biblical support: We see Jesus riding on a white horse, leading the hosts of heaven in defeating man's final attempt to rule the world without God. Jesus will allow humanity to figure out its failures for itself, and then he will come and restore the world to peace.

3. The Point: Jesus gives peace. His peace remains in the presence of conflict. It allows us to accept circumstances without fear.

Concluding thought: With all of the conflict in our world it can be disheartening to consider who is running for office and wonder if any of them have the ability to lead us in wisdom, peace, and compassion. The truth is, none of them can. But then, our peace and safety does not come from people, it comes from Jesus.

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commented on Jul 31, 2017


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