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Summary: Many Christians have never let God be totally God in their lives.

Reference: Psalm 78:41

“The Worst Thing in the Christian Life”

Before you read the text, what is the worst thing in the Christian life?

What could it possibly be? Could it be not getting blessings from God? Maybe not seeing the power of God? Is it possible that the worst thing could be loosing the power of God? Ask yourself, what could it be?

People make the statement, “that is the worst thing that could have ever happened.” Maybe they lost a loved one or someone to whom they were very close. I still don’t think this could be the worst thing in the Christian life.

When we become Christians we are promised many things from God. We are promised eternal life, answers to prayer, power of god, wisdom, and more. In order to get these things from God you must have faith. Remember that without faith it is impossible to please God.

Now, read the reference verse again. Here, David was remembering the event of the Exodus. He was looking at how God provided for his children many, many times. Right in the middle of remembering David made an interesting statement. David said the children of God limited the Holy One. All that God did for them could have been more, but they limited God.

The worst thing in the Christian life is limiting God. God has promised us so much, yet we limit God in fulfilling those promises. How do we limit God? Here are a few ideas.

1. We don’t have faith.

Letting God down many times prevents us from getting blessings. We let God down by not having faith. Hebrews chapter 12 is full of people that were blessed of God; these were the ones in the Hall of Faith. Many things could happen in our life if we just had faith. (Matthew 17:20) The whole Christian life is bound in faith. Before one can be saved, he must place his faith in Jesus Christ. We believe by faith that the Bible we have is the Word of God. We believe by faith that God created this earth. We believe by faith that when we die there is a place called Heaven. The funny thing is we believe all of these great things, but don’t put our faith in God to provide our needs. We don’t place faith in God to strengthen our lives and keep us well. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

2. We don’t pray. (Jeremiah 33:3)

We don’t pray because we do not have faith. Faith will lead you to ask. If you never ask, God will never give. He wants to see your faith placed into works. Prayer is a completion of the faith foundation. Prayer is our way to talk to God. Prayer is accessible for every child of God. We do not need anyone to go to God for us. Hebrews 4:16 assures us of this promise. God wants us to come to him in prayer. Think of how many times we limit God blessing us because we do not pray.

3. We don’t thank or praise God.

If you have children and they never gave thanks for the extra things you did for them that would discourage you. You would then become hesitant to give them any extra things until they began to give you thanks.

God deserves our prayers and thanksgiving. Our churches and homes are in a famine of thanksgiving. What, do we think God owes us something? ANything that we receive besides Hell is a blessing from God. God deserves our praie. What a wonderful thing when God saved my soul, but do I thank God enough? Lists could be piled upon lists of all the things that God has done for me in my life. My greatest fear is that I do not thank him enough. What a shame to think that one day I will stand before God and see all the things I took for grantred in this life. What a shame to know I limited what I could receive in Heaven because of my lack of thanksgiving.


Faith is the foundation, prayer is the wall, and praise is the roof. All of these put together build a barn of blessings and a home of happiness. Stop limiting God! God wants to prove himself to us, but we must let him. Let’s not limit the Holy One. The worst thing in the Christian life is limiting God. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, David said. If God can provide for us and will take care of us, why limit him? John R. Rice once said he had a dream. In this dream he had died and Jesus was leading him through Heaven. Jesus took him to a romm that was filled with all types of gifts wrapped and different sizes. As he looked at these gifts they were labeled for John R. Rice. He looked to Jesus and asked what these gifts were. Jesus replied they were all the gifts and bleesings he was willing to give but they were never asked for. What a shame to limit God.

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