Summary: It’s so easy to forget sometimes that radical change that has taken place in our hearts and lives because of our relationship to Jesus Christ. But the change is to great to be taken lightly, or to have no impact on the way we think and live.

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Passage: 1 Peter 1:22-3:3

Intro: ESPN radio host incensed that catcher involved in collision that separated Derrick Jeter’s shoulder called him and expressed sorrow he was hurt.

1. hearing reports out of Iraq of atrocities suffered by Iraqi people by Saddam’s regime

2. God gives glimpse into the abyss, the terrible depth of depravity into which humans left in their natural state can fall

4. we all like to think that we could never be that selfish, that barbaric.

5. but Peter has been speaking of a miraculous change that has taken place in us

6. same change Peter speaking of here throughout chap 1, specifically today vv22-2:3

8. in these few verses, he lays out the foundational change that has taken place in us, the agent of that change, the new characteristics seen in that person, and finally, calls us to act in a manner consistent with that change.

I. What Happened

1. notice the cause and effect relationship-22

2. “have purified yourselves” does not mean we have overcome impurity in our own power.

3. rather, we have taken advantage of the purifying sacrifice given by God..Jesus

4. this what meant by “obeying the truth”

PP John 6:29

5. now being purified means that we had a problem, some deep seated defect from which we needed to be rescued.

6. let’s reason backwards from the result or effect of this change.

7. “so that you have sincere love…”

8. what passes for love in the world system is insincere, inactive, clouds without rain

Il)Peanuts cartoon, Lucy says to CB, “I hate everything. I hate everybody. I hate the whole wide world!” CB says, “But I thought you had inner peace.” Lucy replies, “I do have inner peace. But I still have outer obnoxiousness”

PP Titus 3:3-4

9. this is our natural state, self-dominated, slaves of the whims and fancies of self, desiring what is best for me without regard to it’s impact on others.

10. but we have been purified, given a new heart that not only has sincere “Philadelphia”, but also can express agape love

il) one commentator, Edwin Blum, defined agape this way. “…a self-sacrificing desire to meet the needs of others that finds expression in concrete acts.”

11. self prevents us from sacrificing ourselves for the good of others, but we have been freed from that tyranny

12. how did this miracle take place?

II. Starting Over

Il) sailboats, looking in EBay for the deal of the century, see some that are so bad, so decrepit, that they cry out to be sunk!

1. and this is the consistent picture that the Bible presents in terms of our old life.

2. v23 critical statement of the reality of the situation.

3. we aren’t just cleaned up, with patches and new paint and new sails.

4. the whole process had to be redone, but this time, with a new starting point, new seed

5. not the seed of old humanity which is defiled by sin, but the new seed of the imperishable and perfect character of God.

6. we are not just reworked human beings, but a whole new species with a unique nature. Look at what the Bible says about us!

PP John 3:16, “born of God’s promise thru Jesus”

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