Summary: I want to thank Pastor Curtis Linton for this outline. It really spoke to my heart. Thank God that we have Someone to plead our case to the Father


* It’s judgment time. * The angel has put one foot on land and one foot on the sea.

* He blows the trumpet of God and time as we know it will be no more!

* There may be different views about the millennium, but we will all agree that judgment is coming!

A) Everybody is gonna give account to God in judgment.

* God; the judge of the earth will be there. * The devil, the prosecuting attorney,

* The accuser of the brethren will be there. * Job 1:6-12 "Now there was a time ......."

* Rev.12:10 "... the accuser of the brethren ..." * Angels will be there; cherubim .......

B) All the assembled host of heaven will be there, for you see, it’s judgment time.

* One day, my name is called! * An indictment is read against me,

* The same indictment that will be read against you. * And I’m reminded that the Bible says in:

* Eze.18:4 "The soul that sinneth ..." * Rom.6:23 "For the wages of sin is ......."

(1) I’M COMMANDED TO TAKE THE STAND! * I’ve got to tell the truth, God knows my heart!

* And the devil begins his examination. * The devil says, "State your name ......."

A) My name is ... and I’m a F.W.B. preacher; I pastored the Faith F.W.B. Church.

* I’ve got 7 children and 14 grandchildren. * The devil approaches me with the stench of hell on his

breath and says, "Well, Mr. Preacher, holiness preacher, you do believe in holiness, don’t you?"

* "Yea, that’s me, I believe in holiness! * "Well. Mr Dunford, excuse me, Rev. Dunford,

* Let me ask you; has your eyes ever looked upon anything they shouldn’t have looked upon?"

B) "Well ..." * "Just answer the question!" * "Yes!" * Let the record state .......

* "Has your hands ever done anything they shouldn’t have done?" * "Well, I’ve tried ......."

* Answer the question Rev! * Has your feet ever trodden a wicked path? * Have you ever lied?

* Have you ever had lust? * Yes, yes I have!

C) "Well Mr. Rev. Dunford, what does the Bible say about these things?"

* I have to answer, Jms.1:15 "Then when lust ..." * Mt.5:28 "... whosoever looketh upon ......."

D) The questions continue: Have you ever been bitter? * Ever been angry without a cause?

* Has your ego ever got out of line? * Have you ever said anything you shouldn’t have said?

* Yes, I’m guilty! * I feel so dirty, so guilty, so embarrassed, so condemned, I’m afraid!

* The judge says "You may step down, call your next witness."

* I’m expecting a demon to come up & tell lies, but they don’t have to lie here.

(2) MY GUARDIAN ANGEL! * I almost shout! * He knows me, he’s been with me all these years!

* I was getting scared there for a minute! * "Whew"

A) The devil says, "Mr. Angel (George), just how well do you know Mr. Dunford?"

* "I know him well; I’ve been responsible for him for all these years. * I’ve protected him,

* I’ve put obstacles in his way sometimes to keep him from really messing up."

B) "He’d fall asleep while driving and I’d wake him up. (Martin Camp Road one day)"

* "One time he went to pay his car insurance and ended up in Chimney Rock."

* I was with him a lot in his lonely times, I brought him strength a lot.

* I know him very well, but sometimes I don’t understand him, but ..."

C) Well Mr. Angel, since you know Him so well, have you ever noticed,

* His eyes looking at anything he shouldn’t have? * I thought, "Oh no!"

* Has he ever listened to something he shouldn’t have listened to?

* Has his mouth ever spoken something it shouldn’t have? * yes. * Speak up, I can’t hear you!

D) Yes! * Has he ever had lust in his heart? * Has his feet ever ...? * Has his hands ever ...?

* Has he ever lied? * Has he ever been bitter? * Has his ego ever got out of line?

* Has he ever had pride? * Yes, he’s guilty!

E) He has to tell the truth, or he’ll lose his right to be an angel!

* Now I feel so hopeless, so helpless, so dirty! * I can’t look at him!

* The judge says, "You may step down Angel, call your next witness!"

(3) THE HOLY SPIRIT! * Praise God! * Everything will be all right now, the Comforter’s here!

* He’s been with me ever since I been saved! * The devil says, "Holy Spirit, how well do you

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