Summary: To follow Jesus, we must realize, prioritize, and exercize....

"What it takes to follow Jesus" Luke 9:57-62

Introduction: If I were to ask you "what does it take to follow Jesus", or "what does it mean to be a disciple" What kind of answers do you think I’d get?

Pray, read the bible, go to church, give money, help the poor,--then I’d probably get some "Don’ts", such as "don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t lie, don’t curse" etc.

But really, the Christian life can be summed up in a word--what is it ? COMMITMENT

Everybody today talks about commitment.

I’m just not sure most Christians know what commitment means. At least--it doesn’t look like they do.

ILLUSTRATION: "The Church without commitment"--ILL.UNL>pg87

Today, let’s look at what it takes to follow Jesus--yes it is commitment--but let’s look at the three things that Jesus said we have to do to follow him.

1.) There are some things we have to REALIZE. (V58)

A.) We need to realize what we are committing to.

I believe that the first man we see here is actually sincere.

B.) We need to realize it is not an easy road. (V58--ch 10:2-3)

----Notice that Jesus says "I don’t have a place to live"

---"Do you really know what you are saying?"

----Story of Monk complaining--1000ill.pg180

----Why do it if it isn’t easy?

----Because of what Jesus did for us --2Cor 5:14--’the love of Christ constraineth me"--or Compels me.

-----Example of Gomer after Andy saved his life--

C.) Close point with ill. of "No P.S." Ill. Unlim.--pg97

II. There are some things we need to Prioritize (V59)

A.) Notice the man in this verse. I believe this guy was making excuses.

------Give possible reasons the man said what he said.

------Was Jesus being insensitive here?--no--he knew the man’s heart--

------Example of the rich young ruler----he knows your motivation

------What Jesus is saying here is "I’m not looking for grave-diggers,I’m looking for life insurance salesmen"

B.) What should our priorities be?

------Let’s look at Jesus’ thoughts on priorities Matt 22:34-40

------Ask "what are your priorities?"--why do you do what you do--why do you come to church?"

III. There are some things we need to Exercise (V 61-62)

A.) Ask ’has anyone here ever done any plowing before?"

-----How do you become fit to plow?--by doing it!

-----What about football?--how do you become a good player/--OR A GOOD TEAM?---workout--practice

-----Ill. of the Bama teams when Bear was coach--(teams practiced all year for the shot to beat Alabama---it used to be a big deal....)

----Do you think those teams laid around watching t.v. or just took it easy? NO

B.) I believe Most Christians need more exercise in some areas and less in others.

------Let’s look at less first.:

------1. Thumb--on the remote.

------2. Ears--listening to gossip

------3. Tongue--gossiping--lets look at James 3:6-18---this may seem like an odd subject for a discipleship sermon but it fits

C.) Let’s look at things that need more exercise

-----1.-What about instead of the thumb, we exercise our knees more--prayer--

------2. Instead of exercising our ears listening to gossip, lets exercise our eyes by reading the Word of God.---don’t worry about your ears, they’ll continue to get exercise because God will start speaking to you.

------3. How about lets start exercising our tounge less in gossiping and exercising our feet more in going out to share the gospel--this is another good deal--cause the tounge will continue to get exercise only it will be for the glory of God, and the tearing down of someone else.

------This kind of exercise will make us fit for service in God’s kingdom.

D.) Close with "the call of the barnyard "--More hot ill..pg49

Conclusion: What about you?

· Do you really have what it takes to follow Jesus?

· Is that even important to you?

· Have you come to realize what it takes--Have you realized where you are lacking?

· What about your priorities?--Are they in line with the Word of God?

· Maybe you realize what it takes and maybe your priorities are pretty good, but you just need some exercise--maybe you need less exercise. I don’t know.

· Are there really some good reasons to follow in the first place??

· Close with story of "Bought to be freed"-pg. 52 in Hot illustrations for youth talks

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