Summary: Rivers of water flowing from our very centre of being. Are we immursed in that living water free?

What kind of week?

10 = awesome – 0 – Zero

What kind of day week life should we as followers of Christ expect to have?

Promises in Bible Extra Ordinary.

In bible many descriptions/promises of kind of life we should be looking for as followers of Jesus.

Descriptions extra ordinary but they are presented in a way that makes us understand that we can realistically expect them to be.

John 7

Feast of tabernacles. In Jerusalem.

Jesus make statement = centre or controversy.

Ordinary man, flesh and blood, standing amongst guests and friends and he says John7:37

In a loud voice – everyone to hear

Thirsty – anybody who has got unsatisfied desires, anyone who feels restless anyone who feels discontent about anything at all.

Does not necessarily mean that you have a need or have deep spiritual yearnings, anyone who is thirsty, anybody who is unsatisfied, unhappy, discontent, did not have a really good week, hasn’t had a really good life, let him come to me.

Old KJV and out of his belly will flow rivers of living water.


The Belly

NB – abs – shaping tummy.

Corleia = greek word – centre of your being.

Knots – anxious, butterflies – nervous

Empty or hollow – dissatisfied, unhappy or lonely.

The Criteria and the Key

Jesus says anyone who is discontent, that’s the only criteria. Anyone who is unhappy dissatisfied, and comes to me and trusts me and begins to follow me,

…. right down in your guts in your belly, you will be flowing with energy hope love and power.

Now the key. What does he say that this picture of flowing water, of running living waters stand for. ..Read on

Ability to have new life – promised life, is tied up with Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is in you says Jesus.

John 10:10

Same promise – different illustration…

Shepard and sheep. Thief

Life in abundance – running out of their ears.

Notice though the thief. Expect some opposition, not going to be without challenge or barrier.


1 Peter

All over NT promises of a life- full abundant, flowing with blessings – a life offered through Jesus by the spirit.

1 Pet 1:8 = another example.


He says of the people to whom he is righting, you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth. So that you have sincere love for one another. A community of sincere authentic love. No faking it;

Getting rid of malice, deceit, hypocrisy, slander.

Humbled themselves under Gods mighty hand.

Describes you?

Filled with inexpressible joy? People comment on your joy.

You are ridding yourself of malice deceit hypocrisy slander. Your belly – you inner core is flowing with rivers of living water?

And on top of all of that you have more or less mastered humility. Too humble to admit that publicly.


Many say yes to Christ. This promise of this joyful beautiful life. Overwhelmed by this NT vision. Filled with love for God. Drawn towards the bible. They tell others about Jesus.

Some things change for the better. Language.

Serve – involved.

But over time, progress and sense of growth stalls.

Amazing promise – verses reality = gap


Anger, worry job money jealousy. Pass judgement way to easily, casually.

Devotional life, prayer, personal studies = up and down.

Sound familiar?

Talking of NT promise = confused, discouraged.

Promise vs Reality and Questions

Life promised of beauty, joy, energy captivated human race for over 2000 years.

Reality does not look like that.

What do people do when over time they are not closing this gap anymore? What do people do when they want to be sincere followers of Christ, they are involved in a church but there seems to be a gap between reality and promise and it is not getting smaller?

Core issue.

It holds people back from expressing their commitment. It holds them back in their vooma for Christ. We are not the type of people who shrink back, but we are proud to be Christian.

Holding you back. You just cant align your life with promise. Reality is not the same.


Resolution 1 – Self Fix

Try and fix it yourself. I have to try harder, do more, study more diligently. I am just not heroic enough in my spirituality.

Frankly we may have slipped into that rut.

Close the gap through sheer spiritual elbow grease.

I will get up earlier I will pray harder, I will read another book, I will listen to another tape or CD, I will learn more disciplines I will server more, I’ll try more to be nicer to peopler.

Praying at 4am

Someone else who gets up at 4 in the morning to pray and you feel guilty because you think you don’t pray enough.

Resolve to get up early and pray. Not a morning person - dazed and confused and groggy and grumpy and no one wants to be with you at 4am in the morning. Even Jesus does not want to be with you at 4 in the morning.

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