Summary: We all have been or know someone who is lost

Luke 15:3 and 8 and 11

1. This is all the same story, Jesus is teaching us something about the lost state of people

2. Lost Sheep

a. Knows its lost but cannot connect to the good sheperd

b. Is often scared and wondering

c. Is out side of the will of God but just needs help and support to find there way back to Him

3. Lost Coin

a. Completely unaware of there lostness

b. Has not had an accurate communication of the Gospel

c. Continues to think nothing about its lostness, but realizes this is not its purpose

4. Lost Son

a. Lost on purpose

b. Enjoys Sin

c. Recounts the benefit of just knowing the father

5. Gods response to the lost sheep is to leave all those who are safe and secure to go after the one who has wandered off

6. Gods response to the lost coin, He sees the value in that one and he will move everything to find it

7. Lost Son, He runs to him, does more than the son expects and restores him completely


1. If you are one of these

2. If you know someone like one of these let's pray for them

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